Best Paddle Boards Under $500

Top 10 Best Paddle Boards Under $500

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There are tons of options these days for inflatable paddleboards. Many still hover closer to that 1K amount, but there are lots of great boards available under $500. Some are newer brands that may not have the longevity, some brands have been around for years and continue to put out innovative products.

We’ll help save you some time as we look at 10 of the best paddle boards under $500.

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1. 2Serene Life ISUP

This is a very basic, versatile board. It costs just over $315, making it one of the least expensive options on this list. It is about 10 ft long, 6 in. thick, and 30 in. wide, and it comes with the basics: a paddle, leash, repair kit, storage bag, and so on.

The deck is non-slip, which is a nice touch. One of the big difficulties for kids and beginners looking to start paddle boarding is the fact that the boards can get quite slippery. If you are looking to combat that, this board can be a great beginner option


This board is on the larger side, and so it is a good option for paddle boarders on the bigger side. It has mountainous decal, which can be a nice touch if you are paddle boarding in an area with mountains overlooking a body of water. That said, you’d better like black and white, as that’s the only color option.

This option is about average thickness-wise at 6 in., and costs about $450.

It offers a fairly generous 350 lb weight capacity bag, oar, fins, leash, and a pump. It also has a dry bag, and is the only ISUP option on this list to feature that.

3. Pathfinder with Kit – ISUP

This is another option that is designed with beginners in mind. There are only a couple of color variations, and you don’t have the same amount of accessories.

The board itself is 9 ft 9 in. long and 5 in. thick, which is reasonably large for children. The weight capacity is in keeping with that at around 240 lbs. It costs about $450. This is another option with a non-slip deck and a fin, and it comes with a pump, oar, and bag. This is a plastic board, meaning that it’s a bit more on the durable side than other options on this list made from less sturdy materials.

4. Ten Toes Weekender – ISUP

This is one of the more reliable paddle board companies, and this is reflected in the fact that their boards typically last a good long while. If you are looking for a sturdy board that will give you years of paddle boarding, this is among the better options on this list to consider.

You can choose from a decent range of colors. That said, it doesn’t have a ton of accessories, though you do get a pump, oar, and bag.

The board itself measures 10 ft long and has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. It is 30 in. wide and 6 in. thick. This is another model made from PVC plastic, so you can expect a good, sturdy board.

The fins are nylon and the paddle aluminum, both of good quality.

If you’re looking for an entry level paddle board that’s built to last, this wouldn’t be a bad option at all.

5. Vilano Navigator

This board measures 10 ft long, 31 in. wide, and 6 in. thick. It is made from a durable plastic material and features a Korean drop stitch style, so if that’s the kind of paddle board you’re looking for in terms of construction and durability, this would be a good option to consider. All that translates to a weight capacity of around 280 lbs, slightly more than some of the boards listed so far.

It is another option with anti-slip deck pads.

It doesn’t cost too much, either, just around $370.

You get a lot with this model as well: D rings, an onboard bungee system which can allow you to hold extra cargo, a paddle, a pump and pressure gauge, a valve wrench, shoulder strap, removable center fin, and a backpack in which to carry everything around.

6. Zray 10’10” X2 Inflatable SUP

Here we have another very affordable unit at just under $320. If you are looking for a budget paddle board, this is yet another good option to consider.

The unit boasts an EVA deck which is on the softer side and can support multiple riders, so if you are looking for a family paddle board, that’s one more point in this model’s favor.

As it says in the title, this model is nearly 11 ft long, so reasonably big. That is paired with the 30 in. width and 6 in. thickness that you have seen with several of the models here. It is extremely well stitched together, helping to decrease the possibility of a puncture.

Another advantage with this option is the fact that it is very easy to deflate and store. Far too often people buy inflatable options thinking they’ll be far easier to store and transport, only to be shocked at how hard and time-consuming it is. Thankfully, this model lives up to those hopes, offering fast inflation and deflation. What’s more, once you deflate it you can roll it into a nice compact size and store it extremely easily. If you’re looking for a paddle board that is highly portable and easy to store, you can’t do much better than this.

It has a weight capacity of 320 lb, so it can handle heftier riders, a few children, or even a parent and small child.

This is a model that offers quite a lot in a package that’s nice and portable, making it one of the best family options on this list.

7. Aqua Marina Breeze

This is a good example of an inflatable board. It measures 9.75 ft, and while that is on the smaller side compared to other options on this list, it should still be big enough to handle kids, teenagers, and slimmer adult riders. It is 30 in. wide, and while it is hard to quantify how well a paddle board keeps its balance on the water, this model does a good job of that.

On the one hand, this model is a bit thinner than others listed here at around 4 in. thick. That said, it is still relatively sturdy for an inflatable, though all it takes is one puncture to pop a hole in your paddle boarding fun, so be careful.

It is overplayed with PVC, which helps with the overall sturdiness, enhanced even more by an industrial drop stitch method of construction which is a bit sturdier than other methods.

The model features a gripping pad, which can help you maintain control of the board. It also comes with four D-rings that you can use to tow your cargo along when connected to a bungee cord.

There are three fins, which makes the paddle board more adept at steering than others. Add a three-piece paddle, a backpack for storage and transportation purposes, a hand pump, a repair kit in case you have to patch a hole, and you have a pretty solid all-around kit.

8. Murtisol Pro 10.5’33″6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Stand up Paddle Board

Once again, the title is a dead giveaway as to the dimensions. This model is 10.5 ft long, so longer than some of the shorter ones here without reaching that vaunted 12 ft mark. It is a bit wider than other models at 33 in. and has the same standard 6 ft thickness. It’s an interesting model dimensions-wise, so if you’re looking for something that is just a bit on the wider side, this may be a decent choice.

It has a weight capacity of 280 lbs, and it has three fins on the bottom that can help with steering. All of this is made from plastic PVC material, which makes the paddle board a bit stiff.

This is a good model balance-wise, so if you’re looking for a model that can support kids that are a bit antsy and won’t sit still, this might be a good choice. Alternatively, if you want to do a bit of yoga while on the water, some reviewers have endorsed this model for that.

You get a fair amount of accessories to go along with this model as well, including a pretty good dual action pump, backpack, ankle strap, an adjustable paddle, and a patch kit for fixing holes.

9. Outroad Water Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

This is another model that breaks the mold measurements-wise. Even though it is 10.5 ft long, it is a 32 in. wide, a bit wider than the 30 in. norm. It is pretty lightweight, too, just 17.6 lbs. On the other hand, it has a low weight capacity compared to some of the others at just 200 lbs. As such, this option is strictly for kids and slimmer riders rather than heavier riders or groups.

Still, at just under $330, it is less expensive than many other options on this list.

It comes with a bunch of different items. You get a front bungee for storage, though how much you can store with a model this small is its own question. Still, it’s a nice touch. This model comes with a backpack. If you have bought an earlier Outroad model, this backpack has been upgraded over the older variants. You also get a hand air pump and PSI gauge for inflating the board. It only has one bottom fin compared to the three offered by others, but that shouldn’t be a detriment. It also comes with a repair kit for patching any holes.

When the unit is deflated and rolled up, it weighs 36 lbs – still on the heavier side for an inflatable model. Even so, it can still be reasonably convenient to take this option from place to place, and the PVC material means that it does not tear easily.

10. Uenjoy Inflatable Sup 10’30″x6″ All Around Paddle Board

We close with the least expensive model on our list, coming in at just around $240.

As you can see from the title, this model measures 10 ft long, 30 in. wide, and 6 in. thick.

This model offers a nice anti-slip deck, making it another good choice for beginners. It is on the stiffer side, and reasonably durable.

It weighs between 242 and 282 lbs depending on whether it is inflated.

All of this comes together to make for a board that offers a fair all-around experience without a high cost.

So, Where Does That Leave Us?

If you’re looking for a beginner board, as you can see, there are several boards for that.

If you’re starting because you want an inexpensive new hobby, there are lots of models in the $200s and $300s.

If you’re looking to relax, well, the Serene option does certainly offer a serene ride. 

If you’re looking to go paddle boarding with your family, the Zray is a great choice.

Of course, there are any number of reasons why you might be looking to paddle board. As such, you’ll want to consider each of them carefully before choosing. Even so, as this list demonstrates, there is no shortage of good options!

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