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Is it dangerous to paddleboard with Alligators
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Is It Dangerous To Paddleboard With Alligators?

There are some beautiful waters around the world that many paddleboarders would love to explore but don’t. Who’s stopping them?  Well… they’re green, 4 foot long (on average), and weigh around 230kg. Today we’re talking about Alligators.  There’s never a good time to find yourself face to face with an […]

Does Paddle Boarding Attract Sharks
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Does Paddle Boarding Attract Sharks?

Sharks are interesting animals that will not go after humans very often, but it can happen in certain circumstances. If you are someone that goes paddle boarding, you might be wondering if you are putting yourself at the mercy of sharks, and this is something that we are going to […]

Do Costco Paddle Boards Go on Sale
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Do Costco Paddle Boards Go on Sale?

Costco started selling paddle boards in their spring range a few years ago. Since then, SUP boards have been a staple of their spring line. If you were hoping to snag a bargain board from Costco, there’s good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. The major issue […]

Can dogs go on paddle boards
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Can Dogs Go On Paddleboards?

If you love hanging out with your four-legged friend as much as you love to stand up paddle boarding you may be thinking of combining the two. But can you? The answer is yes!  Make sure that the board you choose is suitable for taking your dog along for the […]

Can You Paddle Board in the Rain
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Can You Paddle Board In The Rain

The marketing literature for paddle boards might show beautiful calm water and brilliantly blue skies, but that’s not always the reality of SUP boarding. The thing is SUP boarding is a water sport which means that you’re always at risk of getting wet. Therefore, it doesn’t particularly matter if it […]

What should I wear for paddle boarding
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What Should I Wear For Paddle Boarding?

Summer is one of the easiest months to dress for if you’re going paddle boarding, the warmer weather will keep the water a more bearable temperature so if you do fall in it shouldn’t be so much of a shock. It’s always best to have your swimming gear on as […]

Should I Wear Shoes Paddle Boarding
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Should I Wear Shoes Paddle Boarding

There is no need to wear shoes when paddle boarding. Paddle boards are equipped with a rubber grip that prevents feet from slipping on non-porous, non-waterproof material. Most paddle boarders also find that they have more balance without shoes, as they can feel the water and the board better with […]

How many calories does paddle boarding burn
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How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

Paddle boarding isn’t only a really fun activity, but it’s actually a great way to burn calories too. Push yourself hard enough, and you can expect to burn around 305-340 calories per hour. All the while, you’ll be out in the open water and taking part in something that doesn’t […]

Can you paddle board in a lake
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Can You Paddle Board In A Lake

Paddle boarding is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy, especially if you’ve planned a day out at the beach. However, if you’re new to paddle boarding you might be wondering: can you paddle board in a lake?In this article, I explore whether you are allowed to paddle […]

Are Foam Paddle Boards Good
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Are Foam Paddle Boards Good?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or hiding out in the desert, you’ve probably noticed that the number of people heading out onto the water on the back of a paddleboard has dramatically increased in the last couple of years.  Whether paddleboarding’s rise in popularity is due to the […]