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And the top 3 inflatable standup paddleboards for riders of all skill levels are…

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP

If you are looking for the iSUP that is solid as a rock and much like the traditional hard boards in relation to strength without compromising on performance or stability, you will certainly appreciate the qualities of the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10" Inflatable SUP. Its increased weight capacity (350 lbs) makes this board a practical option for the SUP fans that love to ride solo or in tandem.

With its solid construction, ease of roll-up for storage and transport, and great price, this SUP is great for virtually any use, from general cruising, exploring or paddleboard exercises.

Features of the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP

  • Super maneuverable and tracks well
  • Quick & easy to inflate with the iSUP water-ready in about 5-7 minutes
  • Easily large enough for an adult, small child and dog
  • Very comfortable for both knees and feet
  • All-inclusive package with everything included (removable fins, hand-pump, paddle, repair kit)

There are over 450 reviews on the Amazon marketplace and a 4.7 out of 5 rating for this inflatable standup paddleboard.

ISLE Airtech® 10′ All Round Inflatable SUP

If you want the iSUP that is practical for riders of all skill levels, and great on both flat-water and small surf, you will be pleasantly surprised with the qualities of the ISLE Airtech® 10′ All Round Inflatable SUP. Its 6-inch thickness is appreciated for providing the most stable platform and quite similar to alternatives in hard epoxy.

Even though this board has a lightweight construction it is still easily able to accept up to 200 lbs and makes a great option for your first paddle board adventures.

Features of the ISLE Airtech® 10′ All Round Inflatable SUP

  • Tracks really well with an extremely solid platform with minimal flex
  • The board is fully rigid at 15 PSI; inflates to the proper stiffness in about 8-10 minutes
  • Very light weight construction
  • Easily rolls up into a sleeping bag size package; easily fits in the trunk of the car
  • Very cool looking board

There are over 105 reviews on the Amazon marketplace and a 4.7 out of 5 rating for this extremely versatile and best selling iSUP.

Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP

If you want the inflatable SUP that is less intimidating and easier to maneuver for the complete beginner than the Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP is certain to appeal to board fans of all levels. Its solid and stable base is similar in many ways to the feel of the traditional hard boards. Simple to transport and store, this inflatable SUP is easy to inflate/deflate and roll up after use for convenient travel and storage.

With its extremely durable board, lightweight construction and great maneuverability, this standup paddleboard is a fun and practical solution to go SUPing virtually anywhere.

Features of the Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP

  • Lightweight, yet built and great quality
  • Very buoyant and tracks relatively straight
  • Quick to roll up and pack in the travel bag; easily fits in the trunk of the car
  • Maneuvers very well in flat-water
  • Extremely durable board material

There are 50+ reviews on the Amazon marketplace and a 4.7 out of 5 rating for this versatile board that is perfect for the beginner riders.

What to look for when buying an inflatable standup paddleboard

What are the most appealing qualities of the iSUP? By getting a better understanding of the differences in inflatable standup paddleboards it is much easier to decide on the model that will fit your needs. If you aren’t fully aware of the importance of different features, you may find it difficult to compare the different makes and models of inflatable SUP. That’s why we’re here to help!

Features of iSUPs:

  1. Performs much like a traditional hard board: A preferred inflatable SUP should be solid and rigid underfoot and feel much like you are using a traditional board, while also making sure to avoid compromising on performance and stability. A comfortable ride is best achieved with a thickness of at least 6 inches. At 4 inches the thickness isn’t always stable enough for a fully grown adult. Plus, the extra thickness means added weight limit which can reach 350 lbs or more, making these boards a great option for single or multi-riders.
  2. Extremely durable to hold up against dings or knocks: Many of the modern stand-up paddle boards are made of a military-grade material (for superior strength) and drop-stitch construction (for great rigidity). This type of build makes the SUP virtually indestructible to dings, dents or leaks from paddling onto rocky shores. Boards to avoid include those constructed with the lighter “fused” process which can lose a lot of the board’s durability and rigidity.
  3. Take it anywhere or store it: An iSUP can be stored, or traveled almost anywhere. Once deflated the iSUP is not much bigger than a rolled up sleeping bag. This compact package is easily stored in a closet or the trunk of your vehicle. Additionally, virtually all of the boards come with a travel bag that makes it even easier for those riders that wish to reach the less well trodden bodies of water. Also, because the cold temperatures have little impact on these boards they can easily be stored in the shed or garden for the winter off season.
  4. Easy for anyone to learn: Whether it is the top-rated Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10” iSUP or ISLE Airtech® 10′ iSUP these boards are a practical choice to enter this watersport for the young or old of any skill level. SUPing is a fun and exciting way to get the family together or even get involved in a workout or yoga.
  5. Simple to clean and maintain: Maintaining the inflatable standup paddleboards is quite simple and straightforward and merely consists of rinsing down the board after use with clean water and a mild soap.

Now you can choose the best standup paddleboard with confidence

Once you have read our reviews on the best inflatable standup paddleboards and compared the must-have features, you are ready to make the conscious decision on choosing the right iSUP to match the specific needs.


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