Body Glove Paddle Board Review

Body Glove Paddle Board Review

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Body Glove

Body Glove is one of the main suppliers of water sports accessories that continues to dominate the industry.

Ever since they began sixty-five years ago, Body Glove has been providing innovative designs and materials to surfers, swimmers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their first move was seen in the form of the first neoprene wetsuit, and they have made a pledge to protect everything above and below the surface of the water.

Paddle boards are a great way to get into water sports. They offer a perfect introduction level of balance training and paddling. 

The great thing about paddle boards is their versatility, which is why so many people enjoy using them on days when the weather is calm.

Body Glove has a huge range of paddle boards on the market, varying in shape, size, and design.

Body Glove Paddle Board Review

We’ve put some of Body Glove’s most popular paddle boards to the test, and created this complete product review so that you can have all the facts before buying. 

Check out some key points below to see if Body Glove paddle boards are the ones for you. 


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Body Glove Paddle Board


  • High quality, durable material that is lightweight and resistant to regular wear and tear
  • Available in many different designs and patterns
  • Inflatable paddle boards provide excellent buoyancy
  • Plenty of accessories available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Because the paddle board is filled with air, it is much easier to transport. It is more lightweight and easier to move


  • Because it is very lightweight, it is easier for the paddle board to blow away in the wind
  • The fins under the board are more flexible than other brands, which makes it less usable during windy conditions
  • Extra time is needed to fully inflate the board before using, which can inconvenience some people who might be on a time restriction

User Friendly

Firstly, something that makes the Body Glove paddle boards so appealing is how easy they are to use.

We found them especially easy to set up, because all the paddle boards come with detailed instructions on how you can inflate it correctly.

With a little practice, it took about ten minutes to pump up and deflate.

It is worth noting that the paddle boards which have been specifically designed for two people or even more will take a little more time to inflate than a smaller board. 

Of course, you should allow for the additional time to inflate and deflate if you are on a time limit.

However, another option is to keep your paddle board intact, and top up the air when necessary.


Another great thing we noticed about the Body Glove paddle board is how lightweight it is.

Complete with a synthetic fin and the board itself being inflated makes the whole set up so light that carrying it across the beach is effortless.

It acts as a great buoyancy aid, as well as a surface for yoga, paddling, or sunbathing.

Being inflated means that the paddle board is much easier to transport than some of the more traditional boards. 

The pump is easy to put into the reverse so that the board takes up less space once it has dried.

Whether you want to tie it on top of your car, put it in a bike rack, or lay it across the back seat, there are a lot of options specific to the Body Glove paddle board.

Because the board itself is inflated with air, it is worth mentioning that it is much easier for it to blow away in rough winds. 

Make sure that you adjust the straps and have the board in a secure place when not using it.

Either fasten it using the straps to a secure base, or try to slightly dig it into the ground to keep it safe from the wind.


Something else that is unique about Body Glove paddle boards is that they are available in a huge range of colors, patterns, and designs.

Being able to choose a board that reflects your personality can be exciting, not to mention that you could easily find something unique.

Bright blues to reds that stand out are readily available with Body Glove.

The fact that there are so many designs available to pick from can come with additional benefits. 

It could be that your board with an interesting design is easier to keep track of, which means that it is less likely to be stolen.

Identifiable features and bright colors are in style at the moment, which you can use to your advantage when deciding on your next paddle board.

Something with a generic design or color is usually more prone to stealing because people tend to look more casual when they are carrying one. 

However, many people like having a unique design because they can see it from further away and feel safer from it being stolen.


Another thing worth mentioning about the Body Glove paddle board is that the board was very strong and resistant to regular wear and tear.

Even though it is an inflatable board, we found it more strong and sturdy than some hard boards on the market.

The overall quality is unmatched when it comes to regular use, and many customers agreed on this.

On the other hand, it must be noted that while the board itself is strong, the fins underneath aren’t as durable. 

Because they are more flexible by design, they tend to be less effective in choppy conditions or windy weather.

For this reason, it could be worth paying close attention to the fins that Body Glove come out with next.

On the whole, however, we found the paddle board impressive in its capacity and durability in general. 

It was better than we thought it would be, and makes a great companion on a day when the weather is calmer.


In addition to the previous points, something that makes Body Glove paddle boards stand out from its competitors is how easy it is to purchase additional accessories.

You can check out the Body Glove Amazon Store using this link, where there are plenty of options for different boards and accessories. 

There is everything you may need, from swimwear to kayaks and buoyancy aids.

Because of the reputation that Body Glove maintains, their products are highly respected. 

This is part of the reason why we were so impressed by the range of accessories that each paddle board comes with.

Coil ankle leash, phone waterproof bags, repair kits, dual-action hand pumps, and three-piece paddles are all included in the purchase of a Body Glove paddle board. 

Body Glove is a well-respected brand that stands for a lot of great things, which is why we would recommend using them for all your paddle board needs. 

It is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into sourcing the best materials and creating high quality products seen in their store.

Because of their reputation, the customer service is impressive. 

This means that should your paddle board arrive faulty or become damaged, then it is easy to find a replacement part or alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Body Glove Paddle Boards Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, Body Glove recommends that beginners use their lightweight paddle boards to get used to being on the water.

Because they are filled with air, they are easier to move around and have the added benefit of being used as a flotation device. 

What Additional Features Do The Body Glove Paddle Boards Have?

As well as a great quality paddle board, you will receive a selection of accessories to get you started with your paddle boarding.

Not to mention, the boards themselves have a strong water bottle holder and strong attachment coil for safety. 

Can I Use My Paddle Board As A Kayak?

Depending on which paddle board you purchased, the larger Body Glove paddle boards are easy to convert into a kayak fit for multiple people.

Some variants, for example the Dynamic 15’ paddle board, even come with a kayak conversion kit complete with paddles and seats that can be attached.

Being able to have a dual functioning board is highly beneficial for the adventurer who enjoys having a lot of choices. 


There are a lot of reasons why we would recommend buying one of the Body Glove paddle boards.

They are durable, high quality and an impressive brand overall.

They care about their customers and are bound to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Regardless of what you want to use your paddle board for, it is worth considering Body Glove as a possible brand that you could use. 

The company care about using sustainable materials that protect the natural world, which is definitely the way forward for water-based hobbies and activities.

Hopefully this guide has informed you of the pros and cons that Body Glove provides with their paddle boards. Make sure to stay safe and have fun!

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