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High Society Paddle Board Review

People take up paddle boarding for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you want to try something new that gets you active and enjoying the great outdoors.

Maybe you want to join your friends on the lake at the weekends. Perhaps you like to dabble in water sports while on vacation or maybe you are really serious about it.

Whether you are a paddle board novice or SUP proficient, inflatable boards are suitable for everyone.

Many people are choosing inflatable paddle boards over bulkier ones primarily because they are easier to store. 

With house prices and rent at astronomical rates, spare square footage is a luxury not all of us have in our homes.

That’s why a lot of people are opting for compact, inflatable versions of SUPs.

They’re great for occasional use or regular use and they are perfect for storing out of the way between uses and for travel, so you can board in more places without needing to get a van or hire a board when you get there.

If your heart craves adventures, but you’re not sure where to start, an inflatable paddle board is a great step to take. 

If you’re new to the world of SUPs or even if you’re not, you’ll want to make sure you get a board that is good value for money, while being durable and suitable for you to use.

To help, we’ve written this handy guide about one company that offers quality inflatable paddle boards for reasonable prices.

Let’s take a look at the features of High Society SUPs and see what their customers think of them. 

High Society Paddle Board

High Society 

High Society is a Colorado-based company so they’ll know all about beautiful landscapes and how to enjoy and respect the great outdoors.

They specialize in making SUP gear that is durable and tough enough to deal with everyday use, but compact enough for the occasional paddler.

They have been creating and refining their products for over fifteen years and their test grounds in the Aspen mountains should ensure the implacable quality of their products.

With the extreme conditions and tricky terrain found in the rocky Aspen mountains, we can feel assured as consumers that these SUPs have been rigorously tested and designed to cope with anything. 

Paddle boarding is so much fun, and many people find it super relaxing too, but Paddle boarding stops being fun and relaxing when your board lets you down. 

So, if you’re considering buying a paddle board, it’s good to know that the manufacturers have made durability a top priority. 

High Society Inflatable Paddle Boards 

High Society makes several models of paddle boards, so you can choose one that’s right for you based on how much and where you’re going to typically use it.

You might need to take into account certain things about your body too to find the right board such as your size and weight.

Let’s take a look at the options that High Society offers. 


ZG Stand Up Paddle Board

The ZG Is High Society’s most affordable ISUP. 

It tends to retail just over the $800 mark but at certain times of the year, the price could be half that if you catch it in the sales.

The key features of the ZG Stand Up Paddle Board are:

  • Board Dimensions: 10’ 6” long x 32” wide x 6” thick when fully inflated
  • Max user capacity 265 lbs
  • Dog Friendly
  • Made from commercial grade PVC
  • Non-slip traction pad
  • Removable center fin and 2 rubberized side bite fins
  • Stable design. High Society claim that their ISUPs are as rigid as a hard board
  • 3-year limited warranty on the SUP, 30-day limited warranty on Accessories, and 30-day hassle-free return period
  • Accessories included with the boards are: 2-piece collapsible paddle, dual-action hand pump, one removable center fin, 10’ ankle leash, repair kit, and a travel/storage bag with reinforced stitching 

Overall, that is a lot of kit for your money. Especially if you are fortunate enough to get it reduced in their sales, this is an excellent value ISUP option with a good length of warranty.


Wolf ISUP Board

You might enjoy paddling upriver solo, but you don’t have to be a lone wolf with this board, because it’s also one of High Society’s dog-friendly options.

Dog lovers don’t need to be put off from inflatable paddle boards because these have excellent quality PVC which won’t be punctured by your furry friend’s little claws.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Wolf inflatable board.

  • Board Dimensions: 10’ 6” long x 32” wide x 6” thick
  • Max user capacity 265 lbs
  • Dog Friendly
  • Made from commercial grade PVC
  • Non-slip traction pad
  • Removable center fin and 2 rubberized side bite fins
  • Stable design. High Society claim that their ISUPs are as rigid as a hard board
  • 3-year limited warranty on the SUP, 30-day limited warranty on Accessories, and 30-day hassle-free return period
  • Accessories included with the boards are: 2-piece collapsible paddle, dual-action hand pump, one removable center fin, 10’ ankle leash, repair kit, and a travel/storage bag with reinforced stitching

Even by their own comparison chart, the Wolf is very similar to the ZG, the differences we can see, are the design and the price.


Elevation ISUP

High Society claims that this is their “lightest and fastest paddleboard to date”, but interestingly it is also slightly wider than the cheaper models.

This board also features a pin tail design which helps to stop drag. 

  • This paddleboard has many of the same benefits as the last two such as being dog friendly, two side fins and one removable center fin, non-slip traction pads, Dog-friendly High-quality PVC. It also has the same warranty benefits as the previous two
  • The biggest difference between the Elevation is the pin tail design which makes the board a speedier alternative board for smooth gliding and reduced drag in all conditions. It also helps the turning time
  • The board is an extra inch wide for added stability and should give your doggy paddle pal a bit more room to lounge and enjoy the view
  • 265 lbs weight limit

If speed is something you want from your ISUP then the Elevation model is the one you want.

Hopefully, your dog companion likes to feel the wind in their fur because this is another dog-friendly board.


USSHS Inflatable SUP

This is the board you want if you are a little on the heavy side, or like to bring your cooler with you. 

Paddle boarding doesn’t need to just be for supermodels. Everyone should be able to enjoy it.

The USS High Society is inspired by American military vessels and High Society claims that this is the board for you if you want “the most stable SUP”.

It has all the features you have come to expect from High Society’s ISUPs by this point, but some key things to consider are

  • Dog-friendly board
  • Stable 35-inch wide board
  • 300lbs user weight

This is the steady ‘engine that could’ among the ranks, (obviously without the engine).

It’s durable, reliable, and won’t let you down when you’re on the water.


Northstar ISUP

This has a very similar price point to the USSHS but it has some differences. 

It is most similar to the Flagship board which we’ll explore next. The signature stamp for this board is the artwork.

The bold and bright design was created by a Denver artist, Robert Maestas, and is really striking to see.

If the design elements are a key consideration for you, then take a look at this one. 

  • 32” wide board.
  • Max user weight 275lbs
  • Dog friendly
  • Upgraded collapsible paddle
  • A geographic-themed printed board is perfect for the avid explorer or adventurer.

The Northstar is popular mostly for the artwork, which is very suitable for outdoorsy adventurers.

We love that it was designed by an artist local to the company.


Flagship ISUP

This SUP is one that High Society are very proud of. 

They say that it effortlessly adapts to any water conditions from white-water to still, glassy lakes.

It’s the best choice for dealing with rough conditions so if you’re looking for something to take on long-haul adventures, this might suit you.

It’s one of the faster models but can be used by any age, size (up to 275lbs), or experience level.

The artwork for this board is totally stunning. It is again created by local artists and respectfully nods to the Native American roots of Colorado and single vessel travel. 

  • This is one of the ISUPs that are compatible with a kayak seat so it’s super versatile in terms of water-based activities
  • 32” wide board
  • Inspiring artwork design
  • Max weight 275lbs
  • Upgraded collapsible paddle
  • Dog Friendly

We’re kind of in love with the design of this SUP.

The features and subtle colors are relaxing to look at and remind us of an older world where traveling alone upriver was part of everyday culture.

Now it’s a luxury leisure activity.


Shadow Caster ISUP

This is the board you want it you want a paddle board for expeditions or fishing activities.

The deck is long at eleven feet and can handle up to 400lbs of weight, so feel free to bring your fishing equipment.

It’s got snail rail pontoons for added stability while your trying to draw back your line. 

  • Dog friendly
  • Kayak seat compatible
  • Fore and aft bungees for storage
  • 44” wide and 11’ long
  • 3 chamber design with the main deck and two side pontoons inflatable
  • Standard collapsible paddle
  • Can carry 400lbs weight

For the all-around outdoorsman or woman, this will take you anywhere in comfort.

The side pontoons are a nice touch for added stability and the big deck means lots of room for your necessities.

The price is certainly top end compared to some of the less expensive boards, but you can do so much more with this than the budget buys.

For long-haul expeditions, this is our pick.

Customer Reviews

Now you know the options for paddle boards from High Society, let’s see how their customers rate them.

Every single ISUP that High Society sells are rated as a full five stars out of five by their customers. 

Some of the boards are newer than others so haven’t collected as many user reviews, but their Flagship board has a ton of reviews that would point to them having a whole lot of very happy customers, despite the fact that the flagship is one of the most expensive options to buy. 

Things their users praise about High Society and their products are: 

  • Value For Money - while they don’t stock or produce the cheapest inflatable SUPs on the market by any means, theirs are durable as well as reasonably priced. One customer states “I’ve definitely got my money’s worth of use out of them” in her review of the Flagship.
  • Customer Service - Many customers were particularly impressed with their experiences with High Society’s customer service departments. One Shadow Caster customer said that High Society’s “customer service is top notch”.
  • Dog’s Best Friend - Lots of customers were really impressed that they could take their furry companions out on the water with them. One customer wrote, “I take it with me everywhere I go, super easy to set up, and my dog gets to enjoy a nice ride”. 
  • Quality - Many customers praise the durability, longevity, and overall quality of their High Society Paddle Boards. One user said they had been using their High Society paddle board for three years with no trouble. Another said “Thanks High Society for some good quality boards”. 

Final Thoughts

If using an all-American company is a priority for you, and you want a paddle board that is reasonably priced, durable, suitable for rivers, lakes or ocean use, stylish, and pet friendly then you really couldn’t do better than to get a High Society inflatable paddle board.

They have also succeeded in innovatively expanding the SUP market to become compatible with other water sports and activities like kayaking and fishing.

Overall this company is definitely one to trust over others because their products are proven in extreme conditions, they value their customers’ experiences with them, and they offer great prices for a compact SUP that you can basically fit in a backpack. 

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