ISLE Airtech® 12’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

ISLE Airtech® 12’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

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ISLE Airtech® 12’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Airtech 12’6″ is designed with a touring style shape that makes it great for ocean and flat-water paddling. Once inflated this iSUP is rock hard to provide the much desired stable platform that is noticed with the traditional paddle boards. Plus, for complete convenience in storage and transport, the ISLE Airtech® can deflate to the size of a sleeping bag, and with the pre-packaged pump can fully inflate within less than 5 minutes.

Features You’ll Love

Great touring iSUP, the ISLE Airtech® 12’6 is built with a thick material to give the boarder a quite comparable performance to the non-inflatable alternatives. Here are some of the most appealing features of this stand up paddle board:

  1. Extremely rigid – the thick and touring design of this iSUP means it is great for paddling the longer distances on open waters and gives a smoother performance through choppy water. It has a great maximum weight limit of up to 300 lbs that is practical for a single rider or multiple riders.
  2. Highly durable – this iSUP is made to be virtually indestructible and comes in a military-grade material that is excellent at protecting against knocks or dings.
  3. Portable – super easy and convenient to store, the ISLE Airtech® 12’6 iSUP is built to roll into a small package that measures 1-foot in length by 36-inch in width. Its weight is 32 lbs which means it is also very easy to handle when travelling by road, air or on foot.
  4. Package deal – the ISLE Airtech® 12’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle comes with all necessary gear to get immediately water-ready, including the board, removable travel fin, high-pressure pump, adjustable travel paddle, nose mounted bungee system and travel bag.
  5. 2-year warranty – the ISLE inflatable boards are protected by a 2-year warranty for issues related to material defect or workmanship.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to find out what other boarders are saying about the performance of the ISLE Airtech® 12’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, why not take a look at these pros and cons reported by real customers.


  • Extremely stable even on the slightly choppy waters
  • Tracks very straight
  • Well constructed with thick material for increased durability
  • Inflates to a solid stiffness at about 12 PSI
  • Great for flat-water or still lakes; even works fine in protected coves
  • Easy to inflate/deflate
  • Similar stiffness of a non-inflatable board
  • Easy stores rolled up to simplify storage in a closet or other space-limited area
  • Performs great; not too difficult to balance on
  • The board is a lot softer on the knees and feet compared to the traditional hard boards
  • Shows minimal wear and tear even with dogs on board


  • Not always the greatest at turning
  • Slightly slower performance compared to the fiberglass boards


The ISLE Airtech® 12’6 Inflatable SPU has a very respectable 4.6 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide great performing and rigid board that is great for those interested in portability or doesn’t have the vehicle to haul a traditional hard model.

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