Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP Review

Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP Review

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The Ten Toes theWEEKENDER iSUP is built with versatility in mind and is less intimidating and easier to maneuver for the complete beginner or adventurers of all skill levels.

Once fully inflated the theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP is a solid and stable platform that is much like the traditional boards. But, this type of stand up paddle board is great for those that wish to travel and easily deflates to a very small package that is easy to load and unload.

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Features You’ll Love

Great to get a hang of the sport, the theWEEKENDER iSUP from Ten Toes Board Emporium is highly rigid and robust and just as reliable as the boards in hard epoxy. Here are several of the most attractive features of this inflatable board:

  1. Extremely rigid – the theWEEKENDER is one of the most stable iSUP in the market and practical for boarders of all skill levels and is built to easily accept a maximum weight of 250 lbs. In its fully inflated state this board measures 10-ft by 30-inch by 6-inch.
  2. Highly durable – for a virtually indestructible construction it is manufactured in a military grade PVC material that is easily able to accept the occasional knock or bump on land or on rivers or lakes.
  3. Portable – for great portability this inflatable paddle board collapses down into a convenient size package that measures 11-inch by 36-inch which is great for road or air transport.
  4. Package deal – the theWEEKENDER comes as part of a complete package and includes the very stable board, 3-piece lightweight and adjustable paddles, repair kit, manual pump and 3 fins.
  5. 1-year warranty – for extra reassurance of the quality of this iSUP, it includes the Ten Toes’ 1-year warranty.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to know what other riders are saying about the Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP, why not take a look at these pros and cons that have been sourced from actual customer feedback.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Solid build and great quality
  • Cool looking and bright color gives great visibility
  • Very stable in flat-water, but less so in choppy water
  • Very buoyant and track relatively straight
  • Possible to inflate with the packaged hand-pump within about 5 minutes; last few PSI may be difficult for some
  • Easy to balance even when multiple riders on board
  • Extremely durable material
  • Quick to roll up and pack in the travel bag; compact enough to easily fit in the trunk of the car
  • Moves very well through the water
  • Maneuvers pretty well


  • The paddle is quite chunky, but is easy to adjust and does float


Simple to transport and store, the theWEEKENDER iSUP is built to provide a very stable and smooth platform for flat-water. With its extremely durable board, great maneuverability and lightweight construction, this iSUP is an effortless solution to go boarding virtually anywhere.

The Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP has a solid 4.7 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide a top selling and versatile board that is perfect beginner boarders.

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