Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump Review

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The Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump is an air pump with the ability to inflate all-types of inflatables using a 12 volt DC vehicle outlet. Whether you are attempting to inflate the iSUP boards, air beds, kayaks, floats, or boats, this air pump with its digital display is the perfect tool to achieve the correct pressure rating within a relatively short time frame.SevlorPump

It is possible to set the pump to inflate a certain pressure and once it arrives at the preselected choice, it automatically shuts off for complete convenience in use. The pump comes complete with a flexible hose and several types of adapters to match the size of the various types of valves.

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Features You’ll Love

For complete convenience in inflating the inflatable stand-up paddle board, the Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump has the right features and qualities to get the inflatable equipment ready to use. Here are several of the top features of this air pump:

High-pressure pump – this pump has the ability to inflate up to 15 PSI to make sure the SUP board is as rigid as necessary. In general the pump takes about 10 to 15 min to reach the 15 PSI rating.

Auto shut off – the pump is designed with an adjustable auto shut off feature which stops the tool working as soon as the preselected pressure rating is reached.

Heavy duty extension hose – the pump comes with a heavy duty extension hose to ensure that it is able to provide the reliable service for the long-term.

Low-pressure extension hose – the pump also comes complete with a low pressure extension hose and several adapters that have the ability to function with Boston, Mini Double LockTM, Double LockTM, and pinch valves.

12 vote plug: the Sevylor Water Sport Pump is easily powered using a 12 volt plug from a standard vehicle outlet.

Variable section button – it is possible to change the pump to display PSI, MBAR or KPA.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to discover what other customers have said about the Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump, why not take a look at the following pros and cons that have been sourced from real consumer feedback.


The pump has the ability to work quickly and efficiently
The auto stop function is very convenient
It can easily inflate a Tower 9’10” inflatable board within a time frame of about 10 min
It is relatively inexpensive
There are several extra attachments included which make it easy to inflate the pool toys or air mattress


The hose isn’t the strongest, but is still able to provide the desired results
The pump isn’t built with the strongest material so extra care is needed when handling and in use
It is practical to leave the air pump to cool down after inflating one paddle board


With the ability to offer fast results, the Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump is a great piece of equipment to take the hard work out of inflating the iSUP or similar inflatable device.

The Sevylor 12 Volt Pump has a respectable 3.3 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide a reliable tool to get the iSUP at the desired PSI for its next paddling adventure.

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