Slingshot SUP High Pressure Inflator Valve

Slingshot SUP High Pressure Inflator Valve Review

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The Slingshot High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve slingshothelps you get out on the water faster!

By using the adaptor it is possible to rely on the compressor to inflate the iSUP to the preferred PSI without having to put in the hard work of using a manual pump. Any of the brand-name inflatable SUPs will operate that much more effectively with the right PSI achieved (different for each), and the performance and control will be that much more positive. Even though the slingshot HP SUP inflatable valve works without fail with virtually all major brands, it is still possible to check it is compatible with your particular model by making sure that boards valve has the eight square continuous key holders.

Features You’ll Love

For the very most convenience in inflating the stand-up paddle board, the Slingshot High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve is able to provide the right qualities to achieve the solid inflation within a short period of time. Here are some of the most appealing features:

High Pressure Adaptor – the high pressure adaptor helps to provide quick inflation with the ability to inflate most types of boards within a time-frame of 5-10 minutes. Once hooked up to a portable compressor, it is really easy to use.

Versatile use – the Slingshot valve is designed to fit most types of inflatable products, including the iSUP inflation valves that come on the latest boards in the market.

Right PSI – this useful product is built to reach the right PSI with minimal work to increase the chance of having the paddle board ready to use whenever needed.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to know what other customers have said about the qualities of the Slingshot High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve, why not take a look at the following pros and cons that have been sourced from actual customer feedback.


It is really easy to use
It is built to fit almost perfectly on most of the top iSUP models
Relatively easy to attach to the high pressure valve
Can help easily inflate the board within a time-frame of about 5 to 10 minutes
Comes with an accurate  pressure gauge


It would benefit from a built-in pressure indicator for the most convenient operation


Easy to use and operate, the Slingshot High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve makes the entire process of pumping up the inflatable paddle board significantly easier compared to using hand labor. If you ever have difficulty in reaching the preferred pressure without an adapter, then you are certain to benefit from using this with an air compressor,

The Slingshot High Pressure SUP Inflator Valve has been able to build up a solid rating of 4.0 out of five on the Amazon marketplace to provide a very reliable tool to get the inflatable paddle board ready for use in a short period of time.

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