Solstice Bali 10’8″ Standup Paddleboard

Solstice Bali 10’8″ Standup Paddleboard

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Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard Review

If you are looking for an inflatable standup paddleboard on a budget, the Solstice Bali Stand-up Paddleboard is a great option. The Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard is great for both beginners and seasoned paddle boarders. This iSUP is drop-stitched and made from high-pressure 1,000 Denier 3-ply PVC material. This iSUP inflates up to 15 psi, which makes the board more rigid, and able to track and glide well.  The board’s design is great for beginners and helps you keep your balance while paddling.

Features You’ll Love

The Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard is easy to both inflate and deflate.  It is a good value for your money because it is sturdy and works great. Here are some of the best features of this iSUP board.

  1. Rigid – This paddleboard is built to be rigid. The psi can range from 12 to 15. There is also a multi-layer construction that is designed to stand up to heavy waves while helping you keeps your balance.
  1. Durable- This iSUP is made from a high-grade material that is double-stitched to make the board stronger, and more durable.
  1. Easy Storage- This iSUP is easy to store since it folds down to 32 inches. It also comes with its own carrying bag, which can store the board, pump and gauge.
  1. Non-slip – There is an extensive non-slip traction made from EVA that provides maximum grip and comfort for the rider.
  1. Storage – There are four stainless steel points for tie-down, which are great for storing gear on the iSUP board.
  1. 1 Year Warranty- the Solstice Bali Stand-up Paddleboard includes a 1 Year warranty that covers most defects in the material and workmanship of the board.

What customers are saying?

If you want to know what owners of the Solstice Bali Stand-up Paddleboard are saying, here are some of the pros and cons, which have been sourced from customer reviews.


  • Built-In Tie Downs For Transport
  • Comes with a carrying bag, gauge, and pump
  • Made From Durable Materials
  • Very easy to store
  • Budget Friendly


  • A Not Always Accurate Reading From the Pressure Gauge
  • Not great for use during larger waves.
  • Does not come with a paddle
  • Easy to damage the air valve


The Solstice Bali Stand-up Paddleboard has a solid score of 4.4 out of 5 on It is easy to inflate and deflate, and stores easily in its own bag. This iSUP is great for both beginners and those on budgets. You will need to remember to pick up a paddle if you are planning on using the board. The Solstice Bali Stand-up Paddleboard is a great starter board, but you may need to replace the board after a lot of use. We also recommend you check out the Pathfinder 9’9″ on our site as good comparable.

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