DAMA Paddleboard Review

DAMA Paddleboard Review

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Paddleboarding, also known as SUP (stand-up paddle) is a popular water sport that involves standing on a large board (you can also kneel or sit) and moving along with a paddle.

Most of these boards are inflatable, meaning you can carry them in bags, and inflate them on the beach when you’re ready to use them. This saves space in your home too!

It is a lovely, relaxing sport that will have you working out your arms, legs, and core! It is best to paddleboard when the waters are calm, as well as the wind, as you don’t want to find yourself amongst currents and waves.

This is an activity that has grown in popularity over recent years, and many companies are manufacturing these boards. 

Choosing one may be overwhelming, so we are going to review the DAMA paddleboard, and if it sounds good for you, then go ahead and try it! 

DAMA Paddleboard Review

Why Paddleboarding, And When Did It All Begin

Paddleboarding is an activity that has really gained popularity in the last five years or so.

However, it has been around for thousands of years when ancient cultures in Africa and South America would use water crafts to travel, fish, and ride waves and would push themselves along with a long stick.

The modern version of paddleboarding is known to have come from surfer Duke Kahanamoku in the 1900s, along with Leroy and Bobby AhChoy who noticed some tourists riding their boards with paddles to steer, in Waikiki. 

This then turned into a sporting activity on its own, when there was not enough swell for regular surfing.

There are several benefits of this activity, one being that it is a great form of exercise. 

You can burn loads of calories because this will have you working your balance, strength, and core.

You will also experience some wonderful sceneries when paddleboarding, which makes you forget you are working out in the first place, and is also good for your mental health.

Although many think it is just a summer sport, it can be done all-year round now, due to the appropriate clothing being available. 

You can use wetsuits and water shoes to keep your body warm, while you enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Paddleboarding is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

It may take a few goes, and a little practice at the start, but once you’re comfortable you are set.

Depending on the weight, some paddleboards are able to carry two people, so if you’re looking for a nice activity to do with your kid, you can both paddleboard together.

Some paddleboards go the extra mile and are super large, meaning you can have several people on one. 

Enjoy a day with your family and friends, paddling out to a sun hit spot where you can sunbathe and practice diving off the board. 

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DAMA Paddleboard

DAMA 10'6'x32'x6' Inflatable Paddle Board, sup Board, Paddleboard w/Camera Seat, Floating Paddle, Hand Pump, Board Carrier, Waterproof Bag, Drop Stitch, Traveling Board for Surfing

The DAMA paddleboard is a 6 to 8-inch thick board that is durable and perfect for paddleboarders of all levels.

This is a great option for beginners who are looking to purchase their own SUP without spending too much money. 

It is a lightweight option that is durable, so it will last you a while.

The boards are either made from carbon fiber or fiberglass, the most common one being carbon fiber. 

They are available in three different lengths to suit people of all ages and sizes.

Their 9’6” option would be best suited to kids and shorter adults, and their 11’ would suit taller people.

The board can support up to 352 pounds of weight.

It is also known to inflate and deflate faster than other paddleboards

If you’ve ever had to deflate one of these, you’ll understand what a privilege it is to have one that does this in a reduced amount of time.

DAMA paddle boards is a brand that is just starting out, but they have been able to make good-quality paddleboards at an affordable price! 


What makes this board such a good option, is the variety of features it offers. Here are some of them:

Camera Mount

One of the best features of this paddleboard is its camera mount. It is located close to the inflation valve, close to the front tip of the board.

This means you can place any sports camera on the board, such as a Go Pro, and capture some amazing footage from a day out at sea! 

Bungee Storage System

This board comes with a bungee cord storage system at the nose of the board, attached to mount D-rings.

This is perfect for storing items you’d like to take on the board with you, just be sure you don’t fall off! 

Soft-Grab Handle

A handle located in the center of the board enables you to move it around easier once inflated.

This handle is soft in texture, so it will be comfortable for you to carry. 

Rear Carry Handle

As well as the handle located in the center of the board as mentioned above, this board also has one located at the rear end.

This is very useful, as it can sometimes be challenging removing the board from the water. Having two handles make this much easier. 


This paddle board also features not one, not two, but three fins! Two of them are fixed to the board, but one, being the center fin, is detachable.

Using a third fin is beneficial for when there are few waves, and you can maneuver through them easier.

The third fin will also allow your board to move faster. 

Full Accessory Waterproof Bag

A 5 liter waterproof bag is also included when you purchase this board.

This is great if you want to take any essentials with you on your water trip, such as bottled water and food! 

If you are paddleboarding on your own and don’t feel comfortable leaving your things on the beach, then this bag will really come in handy.

It also comes with a waterproof cell phone bag. This is great if you want to take some selfies out at sea, or maybe FaceTime your friends or family and have them experience the gorgeous sceneries with you.

Why DAMA? 

Are you a fan of yoga? Have you ever imagined doing yoga on the water?

The DAMA paddleboard is very suitable for doing yoga on it due to its sturdy nature.

When purchasing this board, you are entitled to a 1-year manufacturer warranty with no additional cost, and while some paddle boards are only suitable for salt water, or fresh water, the DAMA paddleboard is suitable for both!

The extra D-rings on this board make it possible for a variety of things, such as connecting your board to your friend’s board, so you can cruise along the water together. 

These rings also make it possible to connect your board to a kayak, or canoe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Catch Waves When Paddleboarding?

You can have fun catching small and less powerful waves when paddleboarding.

The great thing is, that you are already standing up on the board, so that hard part has been done.

Once you’ve found the wave you’d like to ride, you are to keep the board perpendicular to the shore.

Once the wave has reached you, keep your balance and use your paddle to steer you along! 

Is Paddleboarding Harder Than Kayaking?

Paddleboarding is generally an easier activity than kayaking.

People of all fitness levels and ages can engage in this fun activity, and it does require less effort than kayaking.

Paddleboards are also much easier to carry and store, compared to kayaking.

Do You Wear Shoes For Paddleboarding?

There is no need to wear any shoes for paddleboarding. The board has a rubber grip for your feet, so that you don’t slip.

If you are in a colder climate, then you can wear water shoes. 

This will make the activity more comfortable and enjoyable as they will protect your feet from the cold. 

How Do I Prepare For Paddleboarding?

There are a few ways you can prepare before going paddleboarding. One of the most important things you must do is make sure you can swim.

On your first time you may fall off a few times, and if you can’t reach the bottom of the lake or seabed, then knowing how to swim is essential.

Make sure you go with a friend on your first time, even if they just watch from the beach. This is important in case anything were to go wrong.

Starting on your knees is a good way to begin, and it’ll help you get used to the activity and practice your balance before you try to stand up.

Once you are ready to stand, be sure to keep a wide stance, as you’ll have a lot more balance this way. 

Final Thoughts

As we’ve covered in this article, paddleboarding is a wonderful sport that will have you feeling great both physically and mentally.

It is incredibly versatile and people of all ages can take part in it.

Although there are many brands out there that are manufacturing these boards, DAMA appears to be a good one to start with. 

There are many features with this board, and many useful add-ons are included in your purchase, such as the waterproof bag, and waterproof phone case.

If you’re a newbie to the paddleboarding world, and you’re looking to purchase your first board but don’t want to break your bank account, then the DAMA board is a perfect choice. 

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