What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

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Scuba diving and snorkeling are among the most enjoyable water sports activities. You can snorkel or go scuba diving just as a chill exercise or during your vacation.

Despite this, before getting into the water, you need to wear a wetsuit. Also, you need to know what to wear under a wetsuit to have an enjoyable experience. You have the choice on what to wear depending on your preferences.

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

Before we delve into the possible options for you, you need to wear more layers of clothing under your wetsuit.

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Why Should You Wear Layers Under Your Wetsuit?

Many people often ask if it is really necessary to wear layers under a wetsuit and the answer to this is “yes”. Read the following reasons to understand why.

Protection And Insulation

Wearing undergarments helps to keep the body warm when you are snorkeling in areas with cold temperatures.

Although you can wear a thick wetsuit to keep warm, these heavy garments will restrict your movements and will make you tire quickly. Wearing thin fabric layers under the wet suit will help to insulate the body against the cold without draining your energy.

Whilst snorkeling, you will encounter different temperatures. Before you choose what to wear under a wetsuit in cold water, consider how cold the water is, the air temperature, and the wind above the water.

It is also important to know what the correct clothing is to wear. You must ensure the garments are made from materials that will keep you warm throughout your stay on the water.


Snorkelers will often change into their swimming wear in open places like a beach. However, when you wear wetsuits, it is difficult to remove them. It is a process that cannot be done quickly whilst covering yourself with a towel.

Additionally, you may feel uncomfortable standing around in your speedos or bikini while having lunch.

So you need something that will cover you up.You can cover yourself by wearing a thin rash guard, bathing suit, or any type of clothing underneath the wetsuit. This way, you can change the wetsuit without feeling embarrassed.


Renting a wetsuit may not be an option if you do not want your skin rubbing where other people have rubbed on before. Wearing a wetsuit that has been worn by someone else who may have worn nothing under it is not hygienic.



The majority of snorkelers prefer going nude under their wetsuits. However, this can be uncomfortable as the skin will rub constantly against the inside of the wetsuit. The skin will start to feel sore and chafe after wearing a wetsuit for a long period of time.

The areas that suffer the most from wetsuit chafing include the crotch, neck, behind the knees and armpits. To avoid this problem, you should apply anti-chafing cream or gel.

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

For Men

Full Body Jumpsuit

If you need your body to be fully covered and warm, get a full-body jumpsuit. The Neo Sport Men’s 1mm full suit is one of the preferred choices currently available.

This jumpsuit is designed using ultra-thin neoprene material that provides comfort and natural insulation without being bulky. The qualities of neoprene also make it an excellent choice for thinner skin garments.

The jumpsuit works well to enhance the male physique and has a pull tab leash with a heavy duty back zipper closure.

At just 1mm, this jumpsuit offers snorkelers the comfort and stretch of quality neoprene. The NeoSport suit is also suitable for layering under thicker wetsuits.

Each of the seams are sport tapped at intersecting seams for durability and flat-lock stitched for maximum comfort.

Additionally, the suit has thermal bonded knee pads and Lycra trimmed ankle as well as wrist seals. Other features include an internal key pocket and an anatomical cut pattern for a snug fit.

For Women

Sleeveless Vest

Although some women wear compression shirts that can be worn in cold water, the majority of women prefer sleeveless vests.

These vests make it easy to move the arms and shoulders whilst under the water. These sleeveless vests are made from lightweight, quick-dry and thin fabrics recommended for layering under wetsuits.

One of the most popular sleeveless vests is the Lavacore Women’s Polytherm Vest. This garment is made of an advanced fabric that is insulated and stretches like a neoprene wetsuit.

The Lavacore vest has antibacterial and SPF 50 + sun protection properties. The vest is comfortable and wearing it on its own or under a wetsuit will ensure your body maintains the correct temperature.

Additionally, the unique design of the Lavacore allows flexibility and extreme movement, eliminates constriction, and regulates body temperature.

The vests are manufactured with an exclusive Polytherm Tri-laminate, which is used as a supplemental undergarment in cold water.

The vest also has a breathable middle layer that draws moisture away from the body on the surface while the windproof middle layer has anti-wind chill properties, which ensures you stay warm in cold water.

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