is gorilla tape waterproof

Is Gorilla Tape Waterproof

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Gorilla tape is one of the strongest sealant solutions in existence. We’re not exaggerating. If you were to place it onto a damaged surface or use it to stick two things together, you’d see just how long it is able to maintain a tight grip.

Gorilla tape has many uses, from repairing small cracks and imperfections in walls, floors, containers, to even electronic devices.

is gorilla tape waterproof

The tape can also be used easily on uneven surfaces. Unlike standard tapes that might otherwise lose their grip with time, gorilla tape will maintain its grip, even if the surface it is stuck onto is relatively uneven or unusual. 

As you have probably seen, Gorilla tape is perfect for mending breakages or imperfections and helps to allow all manner of objects to last that little bit longer. 

But is there a limit to the places where you can use Gorilla tape? Are there surfaces that it just won’t stick to? Or are there conditions that it cannot hold up to? Many people often wonder if gorilla tape can also be used to plug up small leaks or to mend water-based devices.

Is Gorilla tape actually waterproof? You might be wondering this right now since you are reading this. So let’s get you some clear answers! 

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Is Gorilla Tape Waterproof?

Yes. All of Gorilla’s various tape products are designed to be fully waterproof throughout. Gorilla tape is able to grip so firmly to surfaces that water cannot possibly get between it and a surface so that it cannot be washed away accidentally. 

The materials that go into Gorilla tape are also fully waterproof, so there’s no chance of water ever causing it to lose its grip.

There are many Gorilla tape products, including standard Gorilla tape, as well as ‘Patch & Seal’, and ‘All-Weather’ variants.

All of these tape products are fully waterproof, so it does not matter which one you choose to use on a wet surface or to mend a product that’s used commonly in water.

Can Gorilla Tape Plug A Leak?

Yes. Gorilla tape, of any form, can be used to patch up a leak. However, if you really wanted a strong and stable solution to any leaking problems, you might want to make use of the specialized ‘Patch & Seal’ tape, which is specially designed for such use cases. 

This particular variant of Gorilla tape can fully seal a leaky patch to allow no air in, which allows cracked pipes and the like to work as normal.

You can even use the tape to patch up leaky holes in underwater conditions, which makes it incredibly useful in a pinch, as the water will not cause the stickiness of the tape to degrade. 

Can You Use Gorilla Tape To Patch Up A Surfboard?

Sometimes, under harsh conditions, surfboards end up accruing some serious damage. This can not only interrupt a great surfing session but can also be costly to deal with, as replacements and fixes for surfboards can be rather expensive.

Luckily, Gorilla tape can be used precisely for this purpose. If you encounter any minor or major damage to your surfboard, you can use Gorilla tape as a long-term temporary fix, to keep your surfboard working a lot longer.

For an even greater solution, make sure to try out Gorilla’s ‘All-Weather’ variety of tape, which is designed to survive extremely harsh weather conditions.

This is perfect for surfing, as the waves could cause other tapes, and maybe even standard Gorilla tapes to weaken, and potentially tear off.

is gorilla tape waterproof

Are There Any Other Waterproof Tapes?

Yes. As well as Gorilla tape, there are plenty of other tape brands that you can utilize to patch up cracks, breakages, and imperfections on objects used in water.

To name just a few, you could try out T-Rex tapes, which are designed to be fully waterproof, as well as to provide a solid grip on all surfaces, no matter the conditions. 

You could also try out Duck’s range of waterproof tapes that are perfect for quick fixes in wet conditions. To make it even more enticing, many Duck products can prove more affordable than other competing brands, which makes them a highly competitive choice. 

Other tapes, such as very standard duct tape can be used in wet conditions, but it is important to note that not every brand or variation of tape is waterproof. Many tapes can simply be used in wet conditions and still stick, but they are not waterproof. 

Using non-waterproof tapes on burst pipes or serious leaks is definitely not recommended, as they will only provide relief for a few minutes before they eventually break. 

How Do You Remove Gorilla Tape From A Surface?

Gorilla tape is incredibly durable and able to maintain a grip just about anywhere. However, this does come at somewhat of a cost.

Removing Gorilla tape is notoriously quite difficult, and it can very often leave marks and imperfections on a surface. You’ll also often see that Gorilla tape leaves residue once removed.

In order to safely remove Gorilla tape from a surface, you should do so slowly. Carefully ease it away from whatever surface it is stuck to, being careful not to allow it to pull anything off, such as paint or wood chips. 

Once you have successfully and carefully removed the tape, you might notice that there is still some residue from the tape left on the surface.

Simply take some rubbing alcohol and lightly rub away at the residue. The alcohol will weaken the bonds of the residue, while the wiping motion will slowly cause the residue to clump together and lose its stickiness.

This can take some time, but stick with it and be patient. Eventually, you will end up removing all of the residue. 

To Finish Up

Gorilla tape really is a wonderful modern innovation. Not only is it incredibly strong, and will not let up its incredible grip, but it can also be used on plenty of unusual and difficult surfaces, even in the worst conditions, such as rain!

And there are lots of varying Gorilla tape products to choose from so that you can get the perfect one for your exact situation.

However, you should be sure to remember that, because of its incredible strength, Gorilla tape can be very difficult to remove.

As such, you should be sure that wherever you are placing it definitely requires it. If you do need to remove it, do so slowly, and with lots of care, to mitigate any potential damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Tape That Works Underwater?

Yes. Many heavy-duty tape brands and products are designed to be waterproof, and many are even designed to be easily used underwater. These include tapes such as Flex Tape or Gorilla tape, which can be used underwater, without losing their sticky grip.

Can Gorilla Tape Patch A Pool?

Yes. Gorilla tape really is that strong. You can use it to patch up small leaks and holes in your swimming pool to allow your pool to work for much longer.

In order to get a truly strong seal on your swimming pool, we recommend opting for Gorilla’s specially designed ‘Patch and Seal’ tape, which is perfect for such situations.

Which Is Better Flex Tape Or Gorilla Tape?

It is difficult to say exactly which product stands out as the ultimate king of heavy-duty tapes, but in terms of outright strength, Gorilla tape does ultimately come out on top. Gorilla tape is able to hold on for far longer and in spite of all manner of intense conditions.

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