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What Should I Wear For Paddle Boarding?

Summer is one of the easiest months to dress for if you’re going paddle boarding, the warmer weather will keep the water a more bearable temperature so if you do fall in it shouldn’t be so much of a shock.

It’s always best to have your swimming gear on as a first layer if you’re going paddle boarding, after all, you probably will end up in the water. On top of your swim trunks or your swimsuit, you should wear some quick-dry board shorts so they won’t stay saturated and stick to your legs if you do happen to fall in. 

What should I wear for paddle boarding

If you want a bit of coverage from the sun then you can wear a loose-fitted t-shirt to keep your shoulders and back covered whilst you’re out on the water. We’d also recommend wearing a cap to protect your face from the sun and also to stop any strong winds from hitting your face. 

If you’d rather have a bit more coverage for warmth, then many people opt to wear a short wet suit or even a long one so they don’t feel cold when they’re in the water.

When the sun is strong we’d advise people to wear swimming sunglasses to protect their eyes as they may be spending hours out on the water and prolonged UV exposure can damage them.

You’ll need to consider how long you’ll be in the sun for when you’re paddle boarding as you will need to ensure you have a high enough SPF (50+ SPF is recommended) to protect you from sunburn.

If you’re fair-skinned and vulnerable to burning easily, then you’ll want to make sure most areas of your body are covered as well as wearing a high SPF.

What should I wear for paddle boarding in the spring/autumn?

If you live in an area that experiences fair but not hot weather in the spring or autumn months, then you’ll need to wear a few more layers when you go out on your paddleboard.

If the temperature is still pretty low, then the temperature of the water will be relatively low as well and not very pleasant to fall into. A wetsuit will be recommended for these cooler months along with neoprene boots as well to keep you warm and protect you from cold water or winds. 

If you’re going to be paddleboard racing, then you may find you want to wear something lighter like neoprene shorts and a top so you don’t get as warm when you’re working.

In general, you’ll just want something that will keep you cool when your body is working hard and getting sweaty but then also something that dries quickly if you do fall into the water. 

Do I need a wetsuit for paddle boarding?

A wetsuit is recommended for winter paddle boarding but it’s a personal preference whether you want to wear them in the warmer months. Most people find they get too warm when wearing a wetsuit in the summer and prefer to wear shorts and t-shirts, which are also quicker to dry off if you get wet.

Do you get wet stand up paddle boarding?

Yes, even the most experienced paddleboarders fall into the water and get wet from time to time. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be likely to fall in more as you won’t have much balance. Calmer waters will be easier to balance on, but if you’re paddle boarding in the sea you will find it more difficult to stay on your board.

What should I wear to SUP yoga?

You don’t need any special clothing to do SUP yoga as most SUP yoga sessions take place in the hotter months of the year or a warmed swimming pool, so you won’t need to worry about thermal or waterproof clothing.

Wearing your usual gym or yoga gear will do just fine for SUP yoga. You’ll want a nice breathable moisture-wicking top to keep you cool during the heat and also some comfortable leggings or sports trousers. 

Bring along flip flops to walk to and from your SUP yoga session, but you’ll probably want to go barefoot or wear neoprene booties for grip when you’re out on the board. Bring a light hoodie or jacket to keep your muscles warm until you’ve started moving your body, you can always take it off if it gets too hot.

If you do SUP yoga in the winter months, then we’d recommend wearing a drysuit or a wetsuit to keep you warm as falling into the water mid-winter will not be enjoyable whatsoever and your session will be over in an instant. 

What should I wear to paddleboard in the winter?

In the winter you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the correct clothing otherwise you risk getting ill from the cold air and also from falling into the cold water. We’d recommend wearing a full-length wet suit along with neoprene protective boots, and gloves to keep you warm in the winter weather.

This should be enough to keep you at the right temperature as you don’t want to wear anything too thick as you won’t be able to regulate your temperature as easily.

If the weather is extremely cold then you may want to consider a drysuit that has rubber seals by the hands and the neck to keep any water out if you do fall in.

With these drysuits you can also wear thermal clothing underneath to keep you warm, however, this should only be done in very cold temperatures otherwise you’ll find yourself getting too warm inside the drysuit once you start paddling on the board. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy a wetsuit or hire one, you will be able to wear thermal and waterproof clothing to keep you warm when you’re out on the board.

If you’re paddle boarding in the rain then a waterproof hooded jacket is a great investment as it’ll prevent the rain from falling on your face and trickling down your neck. 

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