Can dogs go on paddle boards

Can Dogs Go On Paddleboards?

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If you love hanging out with your four-legged friend as much as you love to stand up paddle boarding you may be thinking of combining the two. But can you? The answer is yes! 

Make sure that the board you choose is suitable for taking your dog along for the ride, too. The best boards for your joint adventure will be longer and wider for greater stability.

Can dogs go on paddle boards

Inflatable paddleboards are a good choice because they are less rigid and more comfortable for your dog. They also have greater traction and durable surfaces to ensure that dogs will stay on the board with ease.

You should also make sure that the board’s weight limit can handle more than the combined weight of you and your dog. The last thing you will want is for you to both be out on the water and your inflatable board pops.

It is also best to be sure that your dog has good socialization skills before you head out. There are bound to be people and other dogs that you come across and it is common for crowds to gather at hotspots on warm days.

Also, be sure to give your dog a hose down afterward if they have been in saltwater to avoid any irritation to their skin. 

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Do dogs like paddleboarding?

Taking your dog paddleboarding with you is becoming more and more popular. But do dogs enjoy paddleboarding? It ultimately depends on the individual dog.

Some dogs love being in the water and out in the open whereas others do not. Your dog needs to be a strong swimmer to be able to go out on the water with you.

If they aren’t, but they still enjoy getting involved with the paddleboard, it is worth investing in a life jacket for your dog. Inflatable paddleboards are more suited to heading out with your dog as they are more comfortable and less rigid whilst still providing traction so your dog won’t slip.

Paddleboarding itself is nice and calm but you may find that hotspots get busy at peak times. For your first few adventures together, it is worth practicing in a quieter spot to build both of your confidence. Pay close attention to your dog’s demeanor.

They will soon let you know if it is not something they are comfortable with. Your canine companion will most likely love being able to spend time with you and will appreciate being able to enjoy the water, too.

You can also make the most of paddleboarding with your pooch by making vacation plans focused on your new joint activity.

At the end of the day, it may take a while for you to find your rhythm but if you are serious about paddleboarding, there is no reason why you both can’t enjoy adventures together.    

How do you train a dog to sit on a paddleboard? 

It is worth noting that to take your dogs paddle boarding with you, they will need to be obedient and eagerly listen to you when you give them commands. There may even be situations where their lives depend on it.

If you struggle with getting your dog to listen to your commands, work on that with a trainer before heading out together on the water. Positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage your dog to learn quickly.

If your dog already is great with commands, is a competent swimmer, and loves the water, you can begin to train them to sit on the paddleboard. The key is patience and as with most dog commands, this will take some practice.

First, start out getting your dog comfortable with the paddleboard. It is worth starting on land until you are both confident. Command them to sit in the spot where you want them to be when you are on the water.

Every time they follow your command, reward them with a treat. Believe it or not, you will also need to train yourself to get used to paddleboarding with your canine companion coming along for the ride.

After all, you don’t want to accidentally hit them with the paddle! You may have to adjust where your dog will be sitting on the board once you get practicing depending on their weight and so that they are out of the way of the paddle.

Gradually, as they gain confidence and become familiar with the paddleboard, and will stay where they are until you command otherwise, you can slowly venture out on the water. 

Can dogs pop inflatable paddle boards? 

 Inflatable paddleboards are much easier to store and to travel with and have therefore become preferred by many boarders. If you are looking to take your dog along with you on your adventures, you will have even more stuff to transport (as well as your dog of course!).

So it makes sense to stick with an inflatable paddleboard. There is always the worry that they will not be as resilient as regular paddleboards but as they have increased in popularity, there is a wider and more durable selection available.

Inflatable paddleboards are made of a toughened exterior which makes them more durable than your everyday beach and pool inflatable accessories. Inflatable paddleboards are designed to withstand a certain level of pressure and are somewhat resistant to a good deal of pressure.

The more durable and long-lasting inflatable paddle boards on offer tend to be higher in price. If your dog is unsure and is panicked, they will try and grip onto the paddleboard and increase their feeling of security.

In rare cases, if your dog has especially long, sharp claws, they may cause a slight tear or puncture. It is best to make sure that your dog’s claws are kept short to avoid any potential issues.

As long as your dog is enjoying themselves and is at ease, they should not panic. You also need to make sure that the weight limit of your inflatable paddle board is more than sufficient to hold you both. It may sound crazy but even small dogs can weigh more than you would think.

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