Where To Paddleboard in Vancouver?

Where To Paddleboard in Vancouver?

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Paddleboarding can be a fun, meditative way to get out on the water, and Vancouver, with its vast, sill waters, is an ideal place to paddleboard, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. 

If you don’t own a board, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several places you can rent a paddleboard from whether for the whole day or just a few hours.

Where To Paddleboard in Vancouver?

Vancouver Water Adventures is one of the most reputable companies, and here they’ll hook you up with a stand up board for $30 for two hours. Other companies include Windsure, Ecomarine, and WazSUP. 

Once you’ve got your board sorted, you can then check out some of the wonderful spots Vancouver has to offer, and we’ve compiled a handy list of the best ones below:

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Jericho Beach

West of the seaside neighborhood of Kitsilano you’ll find Jericho Beach, known originally as iy’a’l’mexw in Squamish.

The beach is surrounded by Jericho Beach Park, a grassy area with a pond, which is a perfect picnic spot when you’re fresh out of the water.

Jericho beach is an ideal place to learn how to paddle. The water here is usually pretty flat, and the beach itself is easy to access so you needn’t worry about having to lug your board too far.

While you’re paddling you can take in the view of Vancouver and can even trace the coastline all the way to Kitsilano Beach and beyond.

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach is one of the most popular Vancouver beaches, particularly during the warm summer months.  You’ll find it on the northern edge of the Kitsilano neighborhood, and it faces out onto English Bay.

Kitsilano offers quick and easy access to the water, and if you’re traveling by car there is the convenience of plenty of parking around this area.

Paddling around English Bay will allow you to take in the city views, as well as Stanley Park, and the boats moored in the harbor.

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach, also called First Beach, is one of downtown Vancouver’s most popular beaches, located along Beach Ave between Gilford St and Bidwell St.

The Stanley Park Seawall, a popular running and biking route, runs along the east side of the beach, while the beach itself is perfect for all things water-related. 

You can conveniently rent a paddleboard right from the shores of English Bay, oh, and did we mention – you can also paddle out to the floating waterslide which is great fun for adults and children alike! 

Tiddley Cove

If you live in West Vancouver or find yourself visiting, Tiddley Cove is a great spot for paddleboarding. In low tide, the water is shallow and muddy, but come high tide it’s perfect for paddle boarding.

It’s sheltered from the wind and the water is nearly always super smooth, making it ideal for beginner paddleboarders or those who are less confident. 

Lighthouse Park

As a National Historic Site of Canada, Lighthouse Park is a popular tourist attraction and is open year-round throughout the four seasons. Located in a residential area in West Vancouver, it’s the perfect spot for paddling.

I recommend starting in Starboat Cove and making your way towards the lighthouse if you’re looking for the most picturesque route.

If you’re just starting out with paddle boarding, be wary of going beyond this point, especially in windy conditions, as you may find the water a little choppy. 

Sandy Cove Beach

Sandy Cove Park is a little hard to find, but trust us when we say this is a good thing, as this small beach gets easily crowded in the summer. With a shady grassy area behind the beach and a resident seal who likes to visit, this is a great spot for relaxing, swimming, and paddling. 

This West Van beach is a popular spot due to its warm waters and vibrant marine life, and it’s safe for those who are just getting to grips with paddle boarding. Just be sure to visit when the tide is down, otherwise, the already small beach shrinks substantially! 

False Creek

False Creek is a short inlet situated in the heart of Vancouver, where it separates downtown from the rest of the city. The water here is really flat, so it’s ideal for paddling.

Plus there are always hundreds of luxurious boats and ships docked at the marinas, so it’s the perfect place for admiring from a distance. Just be sure to stay out of their way as they’re coming and going!

False Creek is also an ideal area for paddle boarding as there are plenty of docks where you can conveniently get in and out of the water. 

Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a community in the easternmost part of North Vancouver, and is also the geographic name of the small bay located alongside the town that locals affectionately nickname “The Cove.”

The Cove is definitely the prettiest place on our list and the water here is calm and tranquil. Be sure to check out Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak, which offer rentals, lessons, and tours.

It’s by far the best place to learn to paddleboard in Vancouver. The instruction is first-class, the surrounding scenery is breathtaking, and the water is super calm – what more could you ask for? 

Rocky Point

Rocky Point Park, or Rocky Point, is situated along Burrard Inlet in Port Moody, in the suburbs of Vancouver. This spot is known for its boat launch, ice cream, and breweries, but it’s also a great place to hit the water.

Rocky Point Kayak is situated right by the water and is a great place to rent paddle boards from. You can paddle across the water to Old Orchard Park and work up your appetite for some local beer and homemade ice-cream! 

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