What is a Tandem Kayak?

What Is A Tandem Kayak

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Kayaking is a very popular sport, but can often be one that is carried out alone. A kayak is a small boat that you can paddle yourself either on the ocean around the coastline or down lakes and rivers.

What is a Tandem Kayak?

There is no limit to a kayak as it allows you to see the world from a different perspective. But what if you are tired of doing it alone? 

If you are tired of kayaking alone and have found somebody who wants to take part with you, a tandem kayak is perfect. Using a tandem kayak allows the two of you to stay together and enjoy the kayaking experience together!

If you are intrigued by tandem kayaks, then we have all of the information that you need below. 

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What Is A Tandem Kayak?

A tandem kayak has 2 seats that are either side by side or one in front of the other so that you can paddle the kayak together. You are able to paddle a tandem kayak on your own, but it is specifically designed so that 2 people. 

They are very spacious and there is often room inside the tandem kayak for your children or your pets if you want to take them with you. However, you need to be careful on the kayak as you want everyone to remain safe. 

Tandem kayaks are great for big family adventures as 2 members of your family are each able to go in tandem kayaks and have a great experience without getting tired easily. They are commonly used on lakes or rivers and used to tour new areas. 

Advantages Of Tandem Kayaks

There are many advantages to tandem kayaks which makes them extremely popular to use to explore new areas. 

Fast Speed

As there are 2 people paddling the tandem kayak, it goes a lot faster than a normal kayak. The boat is long and the weight is equally distributed across the kayak which means that it easily glides across the water.

You can also choose to go slower down the river if you wish, but the tandem kayak gives you the option of how fast or slow you want to go. 

Additional Seating

Usually, in a tandem kayak, there is a spare seat that can be used if someone gets tired. This allows the other person to continue paddling while the weight is able to stay distributed so there is no danger of the kayak capsizing.

The additional seat can be used as a relaxation seat as you can both take it in turns to paddle. 


If you are looking to take your pets or children in the kayak, you will need extra stability to make sure that everyone inside the kayak is safe. By using the tandem kayak, you will be able to keep the boat stable as the weight will be equally distributed across the entire kayak. 

Room For Storage

The added benefit of a tandem kayak is that it is very spacious so you are able to carry a lot more gear than in a normal kayak. It is advised that you do not overload the kayak as it may slow the speed, but you are able to comfortably hold your gear in the kayak without it becoming too overcrowded. 

What is a Tandem Kayak?


As there are many advantages to the tandem kayak, there are also some disadvantages to be aware of before you decide to purchase a tandem kayak. 

No Independence In The Kayak

The whole point of having a tandem kayak is to have someone else in the kayak with you, but this means that there is someone else to agree with. In a one-person kayak, you can choose which direction or route to take, but you must agree with the other person. 


A tandem kayak is significantly bigger than a one-person kayak so it is important to see how you are able to transport the kayak and if it is practical for you to move around. Before committing to a tandem kayak, make sure that you can lift the kayak onto the roof of your car so that you can take it out.

What is a Tandem Kayak?

Types Of Tandem Kayak

There are a lot of different types of tandem kayaks to choose from and they are all suitable for different practices depending on how you want to use the kayak. 

Whitewater Kayaks

The whitewater tandem kayaks are designed to be used in waves or on fast-moving rivers as they are designed to withstand rough waters. They are compact so that they are easy to maneuver in rough waters. 

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are perfect for storage as you can deflate them so they are smaller to store, and also ideal for traveling with as the kayak won’t take up a lot of space. As they are inflatable, they aren’t as strong as other kayaks so will be unsuitable for rough waters. 

Touring Tandem

A touring tandem kayak is designed to be taken on long journeys so there is a lot more room for storage on the kayak. It is also able to cover a lot of distance and can move at a fast speed. They are designed straighter than other kayaks and may be less stable. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, tandem kayaks are a great addition to people who are looking to have a companion in the kayak with them. The kayaks are great for storage, which makes them perfect for day trips, and they allow you to stay together throughout the trip. 

There are some important factors to consider before committing to a tandem kayak as you want to make sure that you are happy with the best kayak and that it can be used in the conditions that you intend to use it on.  

Finally, the kayak is ideal for those who enjoy exploring new places on the water as you have full control over the kayak. You can choose the speed of the kayak so that you are both comfortable and can choose the route you take, providing you both agree!

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