Which iRocker SUP Should I Get

Which iRocker SUP Should I Get?

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iRocker is a globally recognized SUP board brand. They have 3 distinct ranges with a number of boards in each range. When it comes to choosing an iRocker board the amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming.

We’re going to break it down to make things easier for you to choose.

Which iRocker SUP Should I Get

First up we have their Nautical range. These boards are the budget option, but it doesn’t mean they’re no good. iRocker’s Nautical range is made from 2 ply PVC and is ideal for beginners.

They have fewer added features and only one year of warranty. However, they are reliable and easy to use.  

Nautical boards come in 10’ 6” and 11’ 6” lengths and are supplied with a paddle, pump, and bag. If you’re new to stand-up paddle boarding, then your best choice would be a Nautical board.

The iRocker range is the middle ground and the flagship line. These boards have some premium features like action mounts and a longer warranty. The great thing about the iRocker range is that they don’t have the premium price tag of the Blackfin range.

iRocker boards come in a greater range of sizes and colors. You can also choose from a sports version or the general all-round boards.

These boards are great for people with a bit of experience. These boards aren’t really ideal for beginners just because you’ll be paying extra for features you don’t really need.

iRocker boards are ideal for families or parents because they have optional safety grips on the front for little paddlers.

Other awesome features include four action mounts that can be used with a variety of accessories, bungee cord storage on the front and back of the board, and spare fins.

Finally, you have the Blackfin range. These are iRocker’s premium boards. They cost double the price of the Nautical boards, but they come with so many additional features.

You get 8 action mounts, 7 grab handles, fishing rod mounts that are exclusive to the Blackfin, and carbon fiber reinforced sides. In essence, the Blackfin boards come with absolutely everything you could ever want from a SUP board.

If you’re looking for a board with lots of stability and plenty of room for you and a passenger, then try the Blackfin XL. It is the widest board of all 3 iRocker lines which is ideal for larger riders or people with a lot of gear.  

Blackfin boards are better for experienced riders. They offer you lots of flexibility in terms of storage and accessorizing, but most of this will be wasted on beginners.

When it comes to choosing an iRocker board it comes down to your ability level and the number of accessories you want. All iRocker boards are excellent quality. They are well made and incredibly durable.

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Is iRocker a Good Brand?

iRocker has a strong pedigree in the SUP board world. Their boards are high-quality but available at mid to high range prices.

One of the best things about iRocker is the fact that they have such a diverse and expansive product range. They start with the low-cost Nautical range that caters to beginners. These boards are available in two sizes and a range of colors.

Then you have the iRocker range which caters to the middle market. These boards have some premium features at a fraction of the cost.

At the top end of the scale, you have the Blackfin range. These are premium boards with an incredible range of features and extras.

Very few SUP board brands have so many boards to offer to so many people.

iRocker boards are phenomenal in terms of quality. The design, build, and materials are all flawless. Even on the cheaper, Nautical boards. What’s clear about all the iRocker boards is that no corners have been cut.

When you look at the top end of the range, you notice that the boards are made from 3 ply reinforced PVC composite. The side rails are made from carbon fiber which offers additional support and protection. These are high quality, hard wearing materials. You don’t see this on all SUP boards.

Another great thing about iRocker boards is that many of the boards are larger than their competition. This makes them more accommodating for larger riders. They are also better for people who like to carry a lot of kit.

iRocker boards typically come with a great warranty. The Nautical boards have the shortest warranty at only a year. The iRocker and Blackfin boards have 2-year warranties. This not only shows the company’s faith in their product, but also gives you peace of mind.

Where are iRocker SUP Boards Made?

iRocker is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. They proudly boast about their USA stand-up paddle boards, but that’s not necessarily the whole story.

The boards were designed by iRocker owners Stephen Erwin and Dave Elder in Florida. Their ideas were put to paper by a graphic designer they hired in Florida. So far so good on the American product front.

Where it falls apart is the actual manufacturing process. You see, iRocker boards are actually manufactured in China. The designs are sent over, and they are made in Chinese factories.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the quality of the boards is incredible, and the warranty is more than generous.

If, however, you’re looking for an American made product, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. The designs are American and the boards ship from Florida. The actual fabrication and assembly of the boards takes place across the Pacific in China.

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