A Stand-Up Paddleboard With A Stepper: What It Looks Like

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There’s a new sports trend you have to know about! If you’re keen on ocean-surfing, then you’ve probably heard of the stand-up paddleboard (SUP), but have you ever heard of a paddleboard with a stepper?

A stand-up paddleboard with a stepper is also called a stand-up pedalboard!

From the name, you can guess it has something to do with pedaling. Stand-up pedaling? How does that work? That’s what we’re here to find out!

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The Difference Between Paddleboarding & Pedalboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding involves standing on a surf-board and moving through the water with a paddle.

This is mainly an upper-body exercise, where your feet are rooted and your arms do all the work.

Stand-up pedalboarding is more of a lower-body exercise. Instead of paddling with your arms, your legs work against a stepper embedded in the board itself.

How a Paddle Board With a Stepper Works

When you go to a gym, there’s this one really short and small device that is square or rectangular in shape; It’s called a stepper.

The idea is that you hop on it, and move your feet up and down as if you were climbing a flight of stairs.

A closely similar mechanism is used in pedalboards, hence being called a paddleboard with a stepper.

You stand atop your board’s stepper, working your feet up and down. Beneath the board, you’re actually moving what resemble fins that work to get the board going.

Without a paddle to steer the board, pedalboards are equipped with handlebars for that exact purpose.

All you’d have to do to change directions is squeeze either of the handlebars’ levers.

Hobie’s Mirage Eclipse Stand-Up Pedalboards Features

Currently (2020), the only stand-up pedalboards available for purchase are the Mirage Eclipses produced by Hobie. Here’s the list of features included in this product.

Sizes & Colors

The Mirage Eclipse pedalboard is available in blue & yellow.

The smaller one is 10’6” in length and 33.5” in width. The longer, slightly more pricey one is 12’ in length and 35” in width.


The Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard is equipped with the Eclipse Mirage Drive fins and pedals, adjustable handlebars, a bungee tie-down for your gear, a removable kick-up rudder, and bow and stern handles to facilitate moving the board around on land.

Want to know the best part? A lot of this equipment is actually removable.

That way, you can easily turn your board from pedal to paddle — it’s a two in one! If you’re looking to get some upper-body exercise, simply remove the fins and handlebars to transform your board into a paddleboard.


The small Mirage Eclipse, which weighs 54 lbs, can carry up to 225 lbs.

The larger one weighs 59 lbs and can carry up to 275 lbs. This means that either size can fit you, plenty of your gear, and even a pet!

Naturally, the smaller Mirage Eclipse can go faster as it weighs less, while the 59-pound model is slightly harder to maneuver.


Both variants of the Mirage Eclipse are made from ACX (advanced composite epoxy), a sturdy, long-lasting material.


The hull design is quite sleek. Featuring a square tail and a pointed nose, the Mirage Eclipse pedalboard is much faster than your average stand-up paddleboard.


The aluminum alloy handlebars can adjust from a length of 36” to 43”. Steering works by squeezing levers, which causes the kick-up rudder at the base of the board to turn.

Compared to paddleboards, the Mirage Eclipse has a much smoother turning radius.


The rudder offers accurate left and right steering motion. As a kick-up rudder, it tends to bounce upwards when coming in contact with obstacles.

This is convenient when surfing shallow waters, as it keeps the rudder from getting damaged.


The board and pedals are padded with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

This is to ensure maximum grip in case water splashes onto the board. It’s also quite comfortable.

Do Pedalboards Have Any Disadvantages? 

There are a few downsides to consider before purchasing a Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard.

  • Can’t fit more than one person.
  • The heavy build complicates land-transportation and storage.
  • Not budget-friendly.

Top 7 Mirage Eclipse Features

Thankfully, there are plenty of desirable features in the Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard that can outweigh the downsides.


The Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard is much faster than your average paddleboard, thanks to its hull design and Mirage Drive (fins and pedals).


Pedaling is a great exercise for your legs. Imagine taking a quick trek into the ocean for your workout rather than in some view-less gym!


Due to its size and width, standing still atop the Mirage Eclipse pedalboard is almost effortless.

Better yet, the handlebars aren’t just for steering; they also enhance your balance!

Kick-Up Rudder

The kick-up rudder is an excellent feature that ensures the pedalboard stays functional and durable for as long as possible.

It’s also great for straight-sailing, as a rudder prevents sharp turns, resists strong winds, and counters wave bumps.

Easy Disassembly

The Mirage Eclipse can quickly transform into a paddleboard, as the fins and handlebars take seconds to dismantle.

Better yet, the ability to remove most of its parts makes it easier to store.

Storage Space

The size and weight of the Mirage Eclipse give you tons of space for your gear and equipment.

You can even take a cooler on board!

For Beginners and Experts

The Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard is excellent for beginners looking to get a feel of how stand-up boarding works.

It takes time on a paddleboard to learn how to stand up and balance yourself; a pedalboard significantly facilitates the learning process.

Even if you’re an accustomed paddleboarder, you should still give pedalboarding a shot. It’s a new, smoother surfing experience that’s worth exploring.

Wrapping Up

Pedalboarding is a great sport and relaxation method. It’s a lot easier than paddleboarding, great for beginners, and far less effort-demanding.

The Mirage Eclipse stand-up pedalboard is fast and efficient. It features a sturdy build, includes wide storage space, and transforms easily into a regular paddleboard.

If you’re an avid paddler or surfer, or you’re looking for a new exercise method, then this is the product for you!

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