ROC SUP Co 10 Explorer Board Review

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Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the best watersports for both physical and mental health. It encourages balance and mindfulness while demanding a pretty effective all-over workout. 

This fast-growing sport also creates a sense of wonder and adventure. As you stand, tall and strong, and yet so small against the vast expanse of water, you become aware of your own power and that of the natural world. 

For such an incredible experience, you need an equally incredible paddleboard – one that matches your sense of adventure and pushes you to go further. 

The 10 ft Explorer paddleboard from ROC SUP Co. is designed to harness the spirit of the adventurer and facilitate even more breathtaking experiences.

Thanks to its military-grade construction and use of advanced technology, this board has helped to unlock the paddleboarding potential of thousands of satisfied customers. 

In today’s article, we’ll be providing our own comprehensive review of the ROC SUP Co. 10 ft Explorer Paddleboard, including its complementary accessories.

First, though, let’s take a look at what ROC SUP Co. is all about… 

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All About ROC SUP Co.

ROC SUP Co. is a family-owned paddleboard manufacturing business based in the U.S.A. 

The business has been running for 23 years, and in that time, the company has sold upwards of 150,000 paddleboards and earned over 4,000 5-star reviews through online retailers. Pretty impressive, right? 

But even more impressive is the innovative and rock-solid construction of the Explorer board, which is what we came here to talk about. So, let’s talk about it!

ROC SUP Co 10 Explorer Board

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards with Premium SUP Paddle Board Accessories, Wide Stable Design, Non-Slip Comfort Deck for Youth & Adults (Black, 10 FT)


  • Height: 10 ft 
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Depth: 6 inches
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs 
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs 
  • Material: Military-grade PVC


  • 300 lbs weight limit 
  • Drop stitch PVC construction 
  • Suitable for all abilities 
  • Optimal dimensions 
  • Features grip handle
  • Non-slip  
  • Built-in UV protection 
  • Unique graphic design 
  • Adjustable, collapsable paddle 
  • Available in 7 colors 
  • All necessary accessories included 


  • Potential lack of stability with heavier loads 
  • Instances of inflation malfunctions 

ROC SUP Co 10 Explorer Board Buying Guide

Main Features

We’ll start out this review by discussing the main features of the board itself.

You’ll find our thoughts on the range of accessories provided with this board below. 

Military-Grade Drop Stitch PVC

Firstly, the material that forms the construction of the Explorer board is absolutely top-quality. 

The board is made of military-grade, quad-core PVC. ROC SUP Co. has used drop stitch technology in the construction of the Explorer board.

Drop stitch material ensures that a board is able to stand up to high levels of pressure when inflated, so it won’t bugle irregularly or even burst. 

This kind of material and construction technology has been used in aerospace engineering and, because the material is classified as military-grade, you know it’s tough as nails. 

2 layers of airtight coating are separated by a layer of base cloth. These 3 layers, which are present on the top surface and sidewalls of the board, protect the internal construction of the board, helping it to maintain its reinforced drop stitch structure for years. 

The same extreme durability allowed by the drop stitch technology for inflation purposes also ensures that this board will hold up against all the wear and tear you might expect from paddleboarding and more.

Drops, collisions, and heavy loads (up to 300 lbs) won’t be enough to defeat the Explorer board. 

Paddleboarders coming close to this weight limit may wish to proceed with caution, however – not because of any risk of board damage, but simply because it may take some time to achieve perfect stability. 

Printed on the external PVC of this board is ROC SUP Co.’s unique yet classic mountain range graphic logo. The board is available in an exciting and varied color range, including aqua, blue, charcoal, green, pink, and ‘desert,’ as well as black. 

Optimal Dimensions

One of the main reasons why the Explorer is such a popular paddleboard is that its dimensions are pretty optimal for most adults under the specified weight limit. 

At 10 feet long, 6 inches deep, and 32 inches wide, this board provides a platform with plenty of volumes and more than enough space to position your feet at a comfortable width.

This volume is what allows the board to support up to 300 lbs, and the spacious deck area means that achieving the perfect balance is easier than on some narrower models. 

However, because the board is so lightweight (just 17.5 lbs!), it still glides easily through the water despite its sizeable surface area and depth, so you won’t be sacrificing maneuverability for stability. 

Non-Slip Deck

A crucial feature of any decent paddleboard is the deck. This is where you’ll spend all of your time whilst paddleboarding, whether standing or sitting, so it should be both comfortable and non-slip. 

The Explorer board’s deck meets both of these criteria. The non-slip material of the deck is applied to the top of the board in 2 layers, meaning that it serves the purpose of enhancing foot grip and ensuring comfort.

You’ll feel stable and secure on this deck, and best of all, you won’t have to deal with sore feet at the end of your session. 

Side Fins

We briefly mentioned earlier how paddleboarders approaching the 300 lbs weight limit of the Explorer board may sometimes struggle to maintain stability at first. 

One of the features ROC SUP Co. has implemented to minimize this issue is the side fins built into the board. 

These fins’ primary purpose is to keep the board level and stable as you execute turns. Turning in the water is one of the most common times for paddleboarders to fall, so these fins are an invaluable addition to the board. 

Bungee Tie-Downs

If you look to the nose of the Explorer board, you’ll see some bungee cords crossed over one another. These are called tie-downs, and they’re a very simple yet highly practical addition to your paddleboard. 

Using these bungee tie-downs, you can fasten items and accessories (as long as they’re water-resistant or sufficiently waterproofed) to the front of your board for easy access.

This is an ideal feature for those who like to be out on the water for hours at a time. 

Grip Handle

Even experienced paddleboarders encounter a wobble now and again. There are also moments when you might need to bend down to adjust something or change position on your board.

In these instances, a well-constructed handle can be the difference between staying on your board or ending up in the water. 

The Explorer board features a perfectly positioned, comfortable grip handle in the center of the board.

This handle is also ideal for carrying your board to and from your paddleboarding location without the need for extra straps or a carry bag. 

UV Protection 

A frequent but often unexpected cause of damage to paddleboards is sun exposure.

Not only can being exposed to the sun on a regular basis cause bleaching on the surface of the board but absorbing heat from the sun can cause the layers of material that make up the board to warp and bubble. 

Luckily, the Explorer board features built-in UV protection, so this isn’t an issue you should have to worry about with this board, unlike some competitor models. 

Additional Features/Accessories

We’ve covered all the most important features of the Explorer board itself, but the great deal you get with this board gets even sweeter when you consider all the accessories included with the purchase!

Aluminum Paddle

Every high-quality paddleboard needs a good paddle, and that’s exactly what ROC SUP Co. delivers with the aluminum/nylon paddle that comes with the Explorer board. 

The combination of aluminum and nylon makes this paddle lightweight, and therefore easy to handle, but also solid and durable enough to guide you quickly and powerfully through the water. 

Even better, the paddle is height-adjustable and collapsable, so you can adjust it to fit your body and to fit in storage!

Detachable Fin

We’ve already talked about the side fins attached to the Explorer board, but ROC SUP Co. also provides a detachable main fin. 

You can fix this fin to your board below the 2 side fins if you want to benefit from the extra stability, or leave it out if you feel comfortable with your board as it is. 

Safety Leash

In case of a fall, the Explorer board also features a coiled safety leash to attach to the D-ring clip at the back of the board.

We really appreciate the construction of the leash because the coiled cord expands and retracts as needed, so it won’t trail across your board the whole time.

However, if you do end up in the water, the coil will stretch to give you enough maneuverability to get back on. 

Inflation Pump

The inflation pump included with the Explorer paddleboard is highly efficient and should have your new board fully inflated and ready for years of use in a matter of minutes. 

All you need to do is attach the nozzle of the pump to the inflation valve built into the board and get pumping!

Unfortunately, though, some users have reported instances of their pump malfunctioning or breaking altogether, so trusting this component in the long term can be a bit of a gamble. 

Accessory Bag

A small accessory bag or pouch is also included with the Explorer board. The pouch is fully waterproof, so it’s the perfect bag to use in conjunction with the bungee tie-downs attached to the board.

This way, you can take your essentials such as a coin purse or keys with you on the water for convenience. 


Where the small accessory bag isn’t quite cutting it for everything you need to carry, the Explorer board comes with a larger backpack to store your other paddleboarding equipment, from your pump to your extra fin. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Explorer paddleboard from ROC SUP Co. is the perfect board for stand-up paddleboarders of all skill levels. 

It’ll handle whatever you throw at it, whether you’re a casual participant in the sport or a serious tourer. It’s even firm and stable enough to be used for yoga!

It’s truly the ultimate all-purpose paddleboard that anyone can reap benefits from!

However, we would advise paddleboarders over 275 lbs to proceed cautiously when first using this board as balance can be difficult to master at first.

It may also be a good idea to have a spare pump on hand in case of quality control issues with the inflation functions. 

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