Riviera-Paddleboard-11-6 Review

Riviera Paddleboard 11-6 Review

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Riviera is one of the better-known paddleboard makers currently on the market, making boards that are perfect for use by beginners, intermediate and advanced paddleboard professionals alike.

The 11-feet 6-inch paddleboard is amongst one of the most slender and navigable models on this list.

It is perfect for someone who has already learned to stand on their board and is looking to challenge themselves by trying to chart choppier waters.

Riviera-Paddleboard-11-6 Review

If you are a yoga enthusiast, then this is a great paddle board for you to start with. It has stabilizing fins underneath that will give you perfect control. It also has pinched guiding rails that will enable you to carve in the water.

But where can you find the amazing Riviera Paddleboard 11-6? What features and materials does this board have that puts it head and shoulders above all the others?

Is this paddleboard suitable for your distinctive style of surfing? How much can you be expected to pay for this particular paddleboard?

Well, if you are a surfer or water-based yoga practitioner, then you’ll have to look no further than this review.

We cover all of this paddleboard’s features, as well as how long that it will last you and what accessories it comes with to give you that stable cut and arrow-straight trajectory through the water.


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Riviera Paddleboard 11-6


Riviera Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 11’6-inchesWidth: 33-inchesThickness: 4.7-inchesFin: Round pin tail, single finUsage: Beginner/intermediateHull type: Planing

Who Is The Riviera Paddleboard Made For?

When it comes to paddleboarding for the very first time, the most important thing will be to have a board that is extremely reliable on choppier water conditions.

You’ll want to think about the style of paddleboarding that you’ll be doing as well as the kind of waves that you’ll be wanting to surf.

Here is a list of the types of things that you’ll be able to do very well using this style of paddleboard:

  • Yoga enthusiasts who want something firm underfoot
  • Beginner paddleboarders who want a durable and lightweight board that they can carry to the beach during the summer
  • Experienced surfers who want a board to practice their cutting with
  • Boarding on mild to choppy lake waters
  • Boarders who want to go out on low waves to practice balance for more challenging waves later on

How Stable Is It?

This board comes with a very unique construction that will enable you to stand firmly in choppy waters.

It has a very unique EPS foam core that will enable you to batter it against the rocks occasionally without causing any unnecessary damage.

This solid foam core is both durable and very flexible, giving you everything that you need for staying on your board.

It will float nicely and stay very close to the water even when the waves start getting higher. It also has a painted exterior for a very nice finish and allows your feet to grip firmer to the deck.

This board is described as narrow to medium in width, giving you plenty of room on which you can plant your feet. This is a great board for gliding through the water.

A lot of users have reported that this is a great board to use out on the waves.

How Manouverable Is It?

This board has plenty of features that will help you to maneuver it through the waters. It has a slightly upturned nose that will help you when cutting through the surf.

A lot of lake riders have complimented this board, saying that it remains reliable even when the waters get a little dicier.

If you have a higher skill set than the average paddleboarder, then this is also a great board for you. The pinched rims will help you to better cut through the water, with a glossy finish that will reduce the amount of wave drag.

This board comes with a single fin, which might not be hugely useful when tackling harsher waves, but will certainly get you from A to B in no time at all.

The larger 33-inch width should also help you to ride the tougher waves, giving you everything that you need for variable wave conditions that change over time.

How Well Does It Track/Glide?

This board comes with a bamboo, glass and kevlar construction in the body that not only makes it durable, but it is easily adaptable to staying the course even in choppy waters.

The upturned nose will enable you to skim to your desired target without having to course correct.

The tracking on this paddleboard is great, so if you just fancy engaging in plain paddling on a slow-moving river or a still lake, then this is certainly the board for you.

The elevated nose design will make it easy to keep a straight trajectory, riding smoothly over rough waves.

What Materials Is It Made From?

This has a many-layered design that works together to create a paddleboard that is light, easy to wield and carry from the car to the shore.

If you are a younger user and have struggled in the past with heavy paddleboards, then this makes a great alternative.

The outer layers of this board contain kevlar, which is a bulletproof substance that will make sure that your board with be able to withstand the high impacts that you can sometimes get if you are surfing too close to the shore.

The glass and bamboo components also give this paddleboard flexibility as well as its durability. The bamboo is also very absorbent to water, drawing it away from other elements of the board that might succumb to rot over a long period.

This board is perfect for those that need a touring board or a backup for their primary board. It has a light construction and a foam center that gives it its buoyancy.

The materials on the inside are also very durable, giving it a thickness that you will need to keep you on the surface of your board.

What Is The Board Design?

The shape of the board is narrower and longer than a lot of the traditional boards. This gives you a lot more options for skimming through the water, although it will not be able to handle anything more than mildly choppy waters.

The rails are wrapped in 6-ounce fiberglass which makes the outer edge of the board extremely durable.

It has a triple-material layered design that makes it virtually indestructible. This is perfect if you are expecting to hit the water numerous times when practicing your favorite board moves.

This comes in some amazing colors, so if you want to catch eyes with your board, then we would certainly recommend that you opt for this model.

You can have plenty of color combinations, with the glossy finish, it is both stylish and extremely functional.

What Are The Boards Features?

The board has a carry handle in the center. This allows for ease of transport, which should be ideal for those younger boarders who have trouble with heavier and wider designs of paddle board.

The design of the board has been slightly streamlined, with the manufacturers tweaking the fin design as well as the shape of the rails. This is to make them far more durable and to improve the riders cutting abilities in medium-level surf conditions.

This board is coated with an automotive seal that protects its unique constitution from water damage.

The coating will also secure your feet to the board for longer, giving those extra precious minutes to be able to complete that amazing step back or yoga headstand.

What Accessories Does It Come With?

This board comes with a decent paddle that is made from aluminum steel. This will enable you to negotiate those tricky rivers or narrow water paths.

It will also help you to shift aside any algae or seaweed that has accumulated in your path.

You can also get a waterproof bag in which to keep your essential items such as your wallet and car keys.

These precious objects you won’t want to leave on the beach alone. You can easily bungee them to the handle of your surfboard and have them with you out on the water.

Our Final Say

This paddleboard has a great combination of materials that will make sure that you can easily navigate the choppy waters. It is great for still lake surfing and moderate ocean conditions.

You can get this board for a relatively cheap price. It can be used for an intermediate or beginner surfer who is fairly used to standing on their board in calm conditions and wants to challenge themselves further.

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