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Is Stand-up Paddleboarding Good Exercise?

Since 2013, stand-up paddleboards (SUP) have been increasingly popular in the fitness community. This is in part because it opens up new marketing opportunities and in part because they are actually very interesting watercraft to have. Oftentimes when you see people paddleboarding on their feet they seem quite fit. Sculpted […]

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Different Types of Standup Paddle Boards

Standup paddle boards are unique as a sports accessory each different type of paddleboarding. These boards are popularly known as SUP. Essentially, paddleboarding is a type of (sometimes flat water) surfing and it also first started in Hawaii. When it comes to action, it is somewhat a combo of water […]

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Five Must-have iSUP Accessories

You’ve bought an iSUP board and a paddle, what else do you need? It turns out that there are some other pieces of gear and equipment that you may want to consider picking up as well. Upgrades and aftermarket add-ons include the options to upgrade fins, add a waterproof music […]