Things to Go With your Standup Paddleboard

There are a number of products that can help you stay comfortable on or off the water, including clothing options, leases, water bottles, backpacks, you name it! When you’re going to SUP, you want to do it in style, and have all the right gear. Whether you’re heading for a river, the local break, or a lake, make sure you bring everything you need to have fun, and look good doing it! iSUP is a great way to get outdoors this weekend, are you planning on it? Pick out a board now, and you could be on the water in two days!

I’m an Colorado native, who learned to surf in the Pacific Northwest, and SW Canada. I live inland near the mountains now, and love to get out on my SUP. It’s weird, but I love windy, choppy days as no-one is out and I like the challenge.

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