Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Product Name:Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10" Inflatable SUP
Brand:Aqua Marina
Weight Limit:308 lbs
Package:Board, repair kit, 3-piece paddle, removable fins, elastic bungee cords & high-pressure air pump
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The Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10″ Inflatable Paddle Board is stylish and durable and gives great performance on any flat water surface.

It is a great travel companion for those that love the water-based activities and is perfect for fitness, exploring and cruising. The extra wide-style of the board and heat-embossed honeycomb groove feature is appreciated for the ability to improve on stability and traction.

Features You’ll Love

High-quality board, the Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10″ iSUP is a great sports essential that comes with everything needed to get out on the water. Let’s look at some of the most appealing features:

Extremely rigid – the Aqua Marina Fusion iSUP has a wide and rigid design with a heat-embossed honeycomb groove feature for the more efficient stability and traction. And with a weight limit of 308 lbs, this board is practical for both single or multi-riders.

Highly durable – this paddle board has a solid build with a PVC and double-wall drop stitch construction. Its high durability means it is a practical option for any flat-water activities, such as fitness, exploring and cruising.

Portable – the Aqua Marina Fusion iSUP is light and compact which makes it great for traveling in the vehicle trunk. Its deflated size packed in the backpack measures 13.8-inch (W) by 33.46-inch (H) and weighs about 19.8 lbs.

Package deal – the Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10” iSUP is water-ready from the outset and comes packaged with a repair kit, 3-piece paddle, removable fins, elastic bungee cords and a high-pressure air pump.

1-year warranty – this stand up paddle board comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to know what other iSUP fans are saying about the performance of the Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10”, why not take a look at these pros and cons that have been sourced from real customer feedback.


  • Quick and easy to set up and break down
  • Solid and dependable build
  • High-quality material used to build the board
  • Very cool and attractive look
  • Great traction and stability with the honeycomb groove foot area
  • Easy to remove fins for complete convenience to roll up for storage
  • Useful stainless steel D-ring for attaching a safety leash
  • Convenient bungee cords for securing cargo
  • Easily inflate to a stiff platform at 15 PSI
  • Ideal for the complete beginner to paddle boarding


  • Similar to other iSUP the paddle could benefit from getting replaced


Hard to believe it is an inflatable, the Aqua Marina Fusion is a perfect all-in-one kit for the SUPing fan. Its wide-style design helps to give the utmost in underfoot stability for a very calm and smooth ride on any flat-water surface.

The Aqua Marina Fusion 10’10” Inflatable Paddle Board has achieved a very high 4.9 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide the ultimate travel companion that is easy to inflate/deflate and travel with. Whether you are planning to use the board for fitness, exploring, or cruising, this iSUP is certain to give a perfect flat-water experience for the complete beginner to those more acclimatized with the sporting activity.

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