How to strap paddle board to roof rack

How To Strap a Paddle Board To a Roof Rack

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Transporting your paddle board to and from the water is made easier by a roof rack.

However, if you’ve never travelled with your paddle board before, you might be curious to know: How do you strap a paddle board to a roof rack?

How to strap paddle board to roof rack

In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to attach a paddle board to a roof rack, as well as some helpful tips you can keep in mind.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

How To Strap A Paddle Board To A Roof Rack

Step One – Lay Your Paddle Board On The Roof Rack

To begin, you will first need to lay your paddle board on top of the roof rack face down with the fins facing up. This will ensure that you’re not in danger of damaging the fins or your vehicle.

Make sure that the board is lying flat and right in the center of the roof rack.

Step Two – Secure The Paddle Board To The Roof Rack With A Locking Strap

Next, you will need to secure the paddle board to the roof with a locking strap. Start by threading a locking strap under the back crossbeam.

You will need to begin on the right side of your vehicle, and thread the free end of the strap (the end without the buckle) and pull it so that both sides are equal in length.

Step Three – Chuck The Locking Strap Over The Paddle Board  

At this stage, you will need to chuck the free end of the strap over the paddle board. Now you will need to walk to the other side of your vehicle with the end of the strap that has the metal buckle, as you don’t want the buckle to damage your vehicle.

You will need to ensure that both ends of the strap are draped over the top of your paddle board.

Step Four –  Feed The Locking Strap Through The Bar On The Other Side Of The Roof Rack

Next, you will need to feed the locking strap through the bar on the other side of the rack. You need to pull the end of the strap without the buckle in order to create some slack before feeding it through.

How to strap paddle board to roof rack

Step Five – Tighten And Secure The Buckle

Take the free end of the strap and feed it through the small opening on the top of the buckle.

Pull on the free end to tighten the strap over your paddle board, and press down on the tab on the buckle to secure it tightly in place.

Check your board to see how secure it is, and tighten the strap again if you deem it necessary.

Step Six – Repeat This Process On The Front Bar Of The Roof Rack

Next, you will need to repeat this process on the front bar of the roof rack. 

Move your paddle board again as a precaution to check that the straps are tight. If they don’t feel secure and you are able to wiggle the board, then you will need to tighten both straps again. 

Step Seven – Attach The Safety Strap

Following this, you will need to attach the safety strap. Begin by opening the back doors of your vehicle, as you will be attaching the safety straps inside the vehicle.

The safety strap is important to attach, as it means your board will remain attached to the car even if something happens to the roof rack.

Step Eight – Throw The Free End Of The Strap Over The Paddle Board

Next, you will need to throw the free end of the strap over the centre of the paddle board. Bring the free end of the strap into the car with you. 

Once you’ve brought the strap through the inside of the car, the strap should be tightly secured around the top of the board as well as inside the vehicle.

Step Nine – Tighten And Secure The Strap Inside Your Vehicle

Now, you will need to tighten and secure the strap inside your vehicle. Take the free end of the strap and feed it through the hole on top of the buckle.

Step Ten – Close Your Vehicle’s Doors 

Last, but by no means least, you need to close your vehicle’s doors on the straps. Your paddle board should now be secured in three different places, meaning that they shouldn’t fall off when you are traveling with your paddle board on the roof rack of your vehicle.

The doors being shut on the straps will help to keep the straps secure and tight, even if a buckle was to fail on your journey to the water.

Now, you are ready to hit the road with your paddle board safely secured to your car!

Tips When Strapping A Paddle Board To Your Roof Rack

There are a variety of tips to bear in mind when it comes to strapping a paddle board to your roof rack. These include but are not limited to:

Always Use A Safety Strap

While it’s essential to use two locking straps to strap your paddle board to your vehicle, it’s also important to use a safety strap.

This is an additional strap that is used to provide assurance that your paddle board will remain on your vehicle, even if something happens to your roof rack on the road.

If you are attaching more than one paddle board to your car, a safety strap is absolutely essential. You never know when a buckle could fail. Having two boards on your roof is essentially double the risk, and ensuring that your boards are securely in place is your responsibility. 

Attaching a safety strap that is held in place by your vehicle’s doors ensures that the paddle boards are safely secured to your roof rack and vehicle. As a result, you are taking all the necessary precautions to remain safe when you are traveling with your paddle boards.

In Summary 

So, there you have it! Hopefully after reading this article you now have a good idea of how to strap a paddle board to your roof rack.

Good luck and have fun traveling with your paddle board.

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