How to build a sup rack for an RV – Materials

How To Build A Sup Rack For An RV

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An RV is more than a means of travelling from one point to another. It is often seen as more than that – as a home that can take you to all new fascinating places that you might not have even been aware of.

How to build a sup rack for an RV – Materials

A home that allows you to travel across the beautiful and vibrantly different landscape of the United States in luxury. 

As with all homes, it is always best to ensure that your RV suits the same kind of needs that your normal home does. This is why,

if you need a sup rack for your RV to ensure that your surfboards or whatever else you want to be protected by it, you need to know how to build one. 

Luckily, you have just the article to tell you exactly how to build a sup rack for an RV. This piece will mean that you’ll never again have to worry about feeling that your RV is incomplete. Every decent RV needs a sup rack, and this is how you build one. 

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How To Build A Sup Rack For An RV – Materials 

The first thing you need to do when constructing a sup rack for an RV is to make sure that you use the correct materials.

Given that this sub rack is going to be added on top of your RV you need to make sure that the material is not only solid but that it also doesn’t weigh too much. 

For example, if you are planning on using wood to construct the main body of the sup rack then you have to make sure that it is of a resolute enough quality to be able to stand being fixed on top of your RV and lost falling to pieces or becoming rotten when your RV is going through bad weather. 

Similarly, if you are using a much sturdier and reliable material like metal you must make sure that it isn’t too heavy or else it could cause problems with driving your RV given that the weight of the metal may be too much for the roof, again dependent on the material you are using. 

You should also factor in how much the sup rack would weigh without anything in it versus having something in it and whether or not the additional weight would make it un viable to have on top of your RV. 

Once you have got the right type of material for your particular RV it is time to start moving on to constructing your sub rack. 

How To Build A Sup Rack For An RV – Construction 

The next stage is to construct your sup rack. Now this might seem like a tricky challenge at first, especially if you have never made anything like this before, however if you follow the steps that are set out in the article you should have no problem in being able to quickly and effectively construct it.

How to build a sup rack for an RV – Materials

The first thing you need to do is to make a design for the basic frame of your sup rack. Of course, the size of your sup rack must vary based on the size of your RV and how many surf boards you can fit into it. 

The basic design of all sup racks is similar to a bookshelf without any back and without any bottom. This means that the sup rack is relatively easy to make.

The first step you need to take is to create the basic box-like frame. It is important to focus on making your sup rack stable when you are constructing it and ensuring that you can easily fix in the middle shelves so you can put your surfboard or whatever else you want to put into it. 

When fixing in your shelves, it is best that you ensure that they aren’t like the shelves on bookshelves because you want to be able to place your surfboard inside them, so make sure that what you are constructing isn’t like a bookshelf in having a firm back and bottom. 

It is also crucial that before you start construction that you are certain of the dimensions of your RV’s roof and that you add the height of the sub rack onto the height of your RV for future journeys;

the additional height might cause problems if you aren’t aware of it when going underneath bridges or going through thinner roads. 

How To Build A Sup Rack – Fixing It On Top 

Now that we’ve explained exactly how to construct a sup for the top of your RV, let’s discuss how to fix it on to the top of your RV. 

It is pivotal, when fixing a sup rack to the top of your RV that you can do so in a stable way. What this means is that if you can fix the sup rack in with screws then this is far better than if you are having to rely on rope. 

Rope isn’t what you should be fixing your sup rack on with for two good reasons; firstly, it can easily fray, which could cause the sub rack to fall off your RV – unfortunate when your vehicle is stationary but potentially dangerous if it occurs whilst you are driving.

The second reason is that it means, particularly if you are having to tie it particularly tight on top of the RV, that it could be difficult to get the sup rack off the RV when you want to. 

Screwing it on top not only makes more sense but is safer. This is why when constructing your sub rack it is important to make sure it has a flat wooden base which can be easily screwed onto the top of your RV. 

Why Knowing How To Make A Sup Rack Is Important 

Being able to easily and quickly convert your RV is a skill all drivers should be able to have. Your RV is there to ensure you can easily get from A to B and do so in a way that means you enjoy the journey. 

Driving down to the beach, ready to surf the waves shouldn’t be something stressful – it should be an enjoyable experience which allows you to relax before you dip into the ocean and sail the waves. 

This is why you need to know how to build a sup rack that is safe and easy to use. It will not only make your life easier but will ensure that your RV is truly yours – something that deserves to be the case with every owner of an RV.

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