Drift Paddle Board Review

Drift Paddle Board Review

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Paddle boarding is a really fun sport that is suitable for lots of different people. Whether you are new to water sports or you are already a keen surfer or kayaker, paddle boarding gives you a new way to enjoy being out on the water. 

Inflatable paddle boards are becoming very popular and make the sport more accessible to everyone as they are easier to transport and easier to store. If you are looking for a paddle board- either your first one or a replacement – then you should definitely consider an inflatable paddle board.

The Drift Inflatable Paddle Board is likely to be on your shortlist as it has had a lot of positive customer reviews.

To help you decide whether this product is right for you, we have reviewed the Drift Paddle Board and weighed up the pros and cons. Keep reading to find out more about this product. 

Drift Paddle Board Review

Product Information

The Drift Paddle Board is an inflatable board which is made from two layers of military grade PVC for durability.

It is held together with composite drop stitch fibers which make the board rigid and resilient. Once inflated, it is 6 inches thick which is standard for inflatable paddle boards.

It is 10 feet 8 inches long which gives you enough space, and 33 inches wide which helps to provide balance on the water- the greater the surface area of the board, the more of it is in contact with the water and the more stable it will be.

The nose of the board is slightly upturned which helps it to glide smoothly through the water. This paddle board has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Remember that this weight capacity needs to include not just the weight of the person using the board, but also the clothes and any protective gear they are wearing, and any personal items of equipment they take with them onto the paddle board.

For example, you should know the weight of your personal floatation jacket or belt, the paddle you are using, and your bag of refreshments.

It is worth noting that even though the maximum weight capacity for this board is 250 pounds, you will likely experience some leakage of air and stability issues at this level.

It is better to try and keep the weight as light as possible for optimal performance. There are three fins on this inflatable paddle board- a center removable fin and two smaller side fins.

These fins are important for improving directional control and ensure that the board tracks well through the water.

The fins come included with the board. Even though they are a great feature, this board definitely prioritizes stability over maneuverability.

This means that it is better for beginners than more advanced users who will want to build up speed and take on some more challenging turns in the water. It is quick and easy to inflate the paddle board which means you can get out onto the water in no time. The inflation and deflation valve makes the whole process easier.

The board comes with a hand pump included so you don’t need to buy one separately. When it comes to deflating the paddle board, this can be done easily as well.

Once the board is deflated it folds up neatly to fit in the storage bag that comes with it. It will fold down to a size of 38 inches by 18 inches by 12 inches, so will fit inside the storage bag along with the other accessories. Along with the hand pump, the storage bag, and the removable fins, this paddle board also comes with a 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle and a coiled ankle leash.

The ankle leash attaches to the D ring on the tail of the board. The safety leash is an important feature as you don’t want to become separated from your board if you fall off, especially in deep water.

If you have more items or accessories that you want to attach to the board then you can use the D rings on the bungee cord storage area on the nose of the board. 


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Drift Paddle Board

Drift Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - SUP Paddle Board & Accessories, Including Pump, Paddle, and More - Native Floral, Adult, 10'8'

There are a few useful design features on this board that are worth pointing out.

There are three different grab handles on the board- one on the tail, one on the nose, and one in the center of the board.

These can be used to carry the board to the water once it is deflated, or they can be used to help you get back onto the board if you fall off.

This shouldn’t happen too often as the board has an EVA foam non-slip deck pad which helps you to grip the board with your feet, reducing the chance of you slipping.The final thing to comment on is the appearance of this paddle board.

The design is white, blue and green with some interesting floral patterns and a bird motif.

It is a unisex deign this is not particularly masculine or feminine, so is suitable for all users.Now that we have taken you through the features of the paddle board it is time to consider the pros and cons of the product.


  • This paddle board is made with military grade PVC which is very durable and will last. 
  • The board is lightweight, weighing only 19 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and transport.
  • It comes with a great selection of additional items which gives you everything you need to get started.
  • The board is easy to inflate and deflate and folds down to a convenient size.
  • The board is well designed with a triple fin system, an upturned nose, multiple grab handles and a bungee cord storage area.
  • Overall, this board seems to be great value for money.


  • The downside to this paddle board is that it leaks air so is not suitable for long or vigorous sessions. 
  • Stability is prioritized over maneuverability which makes this board better for beginners than more advanced paddle boarders.

Frequently Asked Question

Will You Need Any Additional Equipment?

This product comes with some very useful additional items – an ankle leash, a paddle, a storage bag, a hand pump and removable fins.

This is everything you need to get started, but there are a few other things you might want to consider getting before you head out onto the water.

It is always a good idea to put safety first, so you should think about getting a personal flotation device. This could be alife jacket or vest, or even a PFD belt.

Even if you are a strong swimmer, it’s a good idea to use a PFD for water sports in case you sustain an injury that inhibits your ability to swim.

You could also consider getting a dry bag to store your personal items.

They will keep your items safe and dry, and they usually float so you won’t lose your stuff even if the board flips. They can be attached to the board using one of the D rings. 

How Do You Store Your Paddle Board During The Winter?

Inflatable paddle boards are generally used during the warm summer months.

Before you put it away for the winter, make sure it is completely dry- any trapped moisture could damage the PVC and prevent the board from lasting as long.

Once the board is dry, fold it up and store it in the bag that comes with it. 


Overall, this inflatable paddle board is good value for money- it is very affordable, is made with good quality materials, and comes with additional items which will save you money and help get you started with paddle boarding.

It is a good, stable board that is easy for beginners to use and will be reliable when you are out on the water.

There are some great design features which make it convenient to use, and it is very easy to inflate and deflate.

It is a lightweight board so it is easy to carry around, to transport and to store when it is not in use. Whilst this board is perfect for beginners, it might not be suitable for more experienced paddle boarders who are looking to upgrade their first board.

There are some issues with leakage and performance when the board is used at the maximum weight capacity, which limits the amount of gear you can take with you into the board and the amount of time you can spend on the water.

Whilst the paddle board is very stable, it is not great for building up high speeds and taking on challenging turns and directional changes in the water.

It is great for smooth and calm waters but won’t perform so well on rough or choppy waters. If you are looking for a reasonably priced paddle board with good accessories to get you into the sport then this product will be perfect for you.

If you are looking for a more advanced paddle board to take your paddling to the next level then this product doesn’t really tick all of the boxes.

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