Do Costco Paddle Boards Go on Sale

Do Costco Paddle Boards Go on Sale?

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Costco started selling paddle boards in their spring range a few years ago. Since then, SUP boards have been a staple of their spring line.

If you were hoping to snag a bargain board from Costco, there’s good and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news. The major issue with trying to purchase a sale SUP board from Costco is that they don’t advertise details of sales to non-members. This means that you have to be paying for a membership in order to receive prior notice of the Costco sales.

Do Costco Paddle Boards Go on Sale

Members will usually receive a sales ad in the mail about a week before the sale starts. This ad will list the products that are due to go on sale. The sales ad looks like a coupon book but in reality, the discounts are automatically applied at the register.

Paddle boards, like every other item in store, may appear in these sales from time to time. It really depends on the demand for such items and the kind of sale that month.

If you’re not a Costco member, you won’t be notified of the sale until the day it starts.

When a sale begins it is highlighted and listed on the landing page of the Costco website. This way you can easily spot the savings and take advantage.

Now, let’s look at the good news.

The good thing about Costco’s paddle boards is that they are seasonal. This means that just like Halloween costumes, Valentine’s chocolates, and Christmas decorations, eventually Costco just wants to be rid of them.

If you’re hoping to find a discounted Costco paddle board keep a close eye on sales at the end of the spring and summer seasons. They will want to make room for back-to-school stock and winter holiday stock, so they may offer discounts on summer stock like paddle boards.

Often, the discounts and sales will be applied on a store-to-store basis. This means that a sale may not be available in all stores. If your local Costco has lots of leftover SUP boards, they may put them on sale at the end of the season. However, the Costco in the next town may have sold out last month and so won’t have a sale.

Ultimately, you don’t want to solely rely on the Costco website. The website doesn’t list the in-store sales and savings which is where you may find discounted SUP boards.

How Much are Paddle Boards at Costco?

Costco’s warehouse pricing and bulk savings are what makes the company stand out from other large retailers.

As such, you’d expect the paddle boards sold at Costco to be cheaper than most other retailers. Before we look at Costco prices, let’s get an idea of the average cost of a paddle board.

Paddle boards can cost as low as $180 and as much as over $2000 depending on the brand and quality of the build. On average, you should expect to pay between $600 and $1000 for a SUP.

In general, solid epoxy boards are more expensive than inflatable boards though the difference isn’t always huge. Both boards fall within that $600 – $1000 range though epoxy boards are closer to the $1000 mark.

Now, let’s take a look at the Costco boards.

As of writing (May 2021), Costco has 4 paddle boards for sale. The prices vary from $399.99 to $699.99 which means that most of the boards fall outside the average cost range. This is great news if you’re looking for a bargain.

At the lowest end of the scale, we have the Body Glove Performer 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Package. This inflatable board costs $399.99 and includes the board, paddle, fins, leash, pump, dry bag, repair kit, and a carry backpack.

Also, for $399.99 you have the Wavestorm 9’6″ Expedition Paddleboard. This is a composite board that is smaller than the others offered. That being said, it can still carry up to 300lbs. This board is supplied with an adjustable paddle, fins, leash, accessory strap, car roof mount, and a built-in carry handle.

The next board is also from Wavestorm but this time it’s larger and more expensive. The Wavestorm 10’6″ SUP-KAYAK Paddleboard is a bit of a hybrid in that it can be used as a stand-up paddle board and a sit-on kayak.

Coming in at $479.99, this hybrid composite board gives you plenty of options. It can carry up to 300lb and comes with a collapsible seat and footrests. The paddle converts from a one bladed SUP boarding paddle to a double-bladed kayak paddle.

Finally, the most expensive Costco paddle board is the Scott Burke 10’6″ Composite Stand-Up Paddle Board. This board is a rigid, epoxy composite board. It comes with an adjustable paddle and a board bag to keep your board clean and safe.

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