Can paddleboards be repaired?

Can Paddleboards Be Repaired?

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Even if you take the best possible care of your paddleboard, accidents happen. Damage such as scratches, gouges, and cracks can occur when you are storing, transporting, and using your board.

Paddleboards are an investment that is meant to last you through some great adventures, and you want to get your money’s worth out of them. There are several ways to fix your paddleboard depending on the style of the board and the damage that has been caused.

Can paddleboards be repaired?

If you are only dealing with minor damage, you can repair your board yourself. For minor scratches, you can try applying a little toothpaste and buffering the area.

For small cracks and deeper scratches on standard epoxy paddleboards, several repair kits are widely available and are a great thing to have, just in case.

The kits contain a resin that can be applied to the damaged area easily and sets quickly when exposed to UV. For inflatable paddleboards, you can use vinyl glue and a repair patch to seal any small punctures.

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How do you fix a crack in a paddleboard? 

Cracks in paddleboards are common but can lead to bigger, and more expensive, issues if left untreated. Cracks can lead to the board absorbing water and will eventually lead to you replacing the entire board.

If you have a small crack in an epoxy board, the easiest way to repair a crack is to apply an epoxy resin to the area. Clean the area first and make sure you have a place to leave the board to dry without it being disturbed. Be sure to fill the crack and remove the excess resin before you leave it to set.

The resin will set quickly when exposed to UV light. Once it has been set, make sure there are no areas that have been missed and that the crack is completely sealed. You will then be able to use your board like normal. If you are in doubt or have a larger crack, seek advice from a specialist first. 

How do you repair a carbon fiber paddle board? 

Carbon fiber boards have a layer of carbon fabric running through the board to provide additional strength and longevity. If you have small scratches or cracks, these can be repaired using an epoxy resin repair kit.

For larger cracks and dents that have made it through to the fabric, you are better off seeking professional guidance to ensure the integrity of your board.

How do you care for a fiberglass SUP? 

Fiberglass stand-up paddleboards have a foam core that is layered with fiberglass and epoxy to make them longer lasting. They are light and are ideal for long-distance paddleboarding.

For the best care, if you have been paddleboarding on saltwater, make sure you wash your board with fresh water afterward. You can also use a gentle, water-based cleaning product to clean your board if you feel that water alone won’t get the job done.

Dry your board before storing it safely and try to keep it out of direct sunlight when not in use. Although they are somewhat protected against scratches and dings, they still can get damaged. Use an epoxy resin to fix any small cracks and scratches. 

How do you fix a foam paddleboard? 

Most epoxy and fiberglass paddleboards have foam cores. If damage is caused to the paddleboard and the foam is exposed, water will seep into your board.

To repair the damage,  make sure that there is no loose foam inside the hole, crack, or scratch, and that the area is clean and dry. Fill the area with epoxy resin and leave it to set fully.  

How do you remove scratches from a paddleboard? 

Scratches on paddleboards can not only be unsightly but also uncomfortable, especially if they are larger. It is always best to protect your paddleboard as much as possible when transporting it or storing it to avoid damage. However careful you are, scratches are almost certain to happen.

Your board may get scratched while you are out on the water from your movement, possessions, or dog. It is also common for rocky shorelines to pose an issue for paddleboards as the rocks can scratch or gouge the bottom of the boards when in use.

Small scratches can be treated easily on your paddleboard. Simply apply a small amount of toothpaste to the scratch and buffer with a gentle cloth. For deeper scratches, buy an epoxy resin repair kit. You can carefully fill the area with the resin, level it out, and remove any excess.

The resin sets quickly when exposed to UV light and will hold up through your adventures. Be sure to attend to scratches before they get worse and you need to fork out for expensive repairs or a replacement board. 

Can you repair an inflatable paddleboard? 

Inflatable paddleboards are a great way to enjoy your favorite pastime without requiring large amounts of storage.

Before buying an inflatable paddleboard, be sure to check the weight restriction so that your board isn’t overloaded. This can lead to your board bursting and it will be unable to be repaired. Keep in mind the weight of any user and also any additional weight requirement for equipment and luggage.

Also, if you intend to use your paddleboard with your dog, ensure their nails are not long and sharp and that they have a comfortable spot on the board where they can stay nice and calm.

You should avoid areas with a rocky shoreline or with rocks just below the surface that could puncture and tear your board. Before heading out on the water, check your board for any signs of puncture or leaks in the seals.

It is worth investing in an inflatable paddle board repair kit that can be kept with the board at all times. In case of a puncture, use a replacement patch from your repair kit and some strong vinyl glue.

The area must first be thoroughly cleaned, ideally with rubbing alcohol or acetone, so that the glue and replacement patch will be able to form a strong bond to your board.

You will need to have the board in a dry, well-ventilated area where it can be left undisturbed until the glue has fully dried. Apply a layer of glue to the clean area and add the replacement patch (cut to the correct size, slightly larger than the area needed).

Apply an additional coat of glue to the sides of the patch, ensuring there is a secure, water-tight seal. Once left to dry for the specified time, apply a third coat of glue to the edges for added assurance and water resistance.  

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