The 6 Best Paddle Board Spots in Florida

The 6 Best Paddle Board Spots in Florida

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If you’ve never been paddleboarding in Florida, you’re missing, my friend.

Florida’s spectacular beaches, clear waters, and delightful weather will have you feeling like paddleboarding through paradise. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a paddleboard expert, you’ll love these scenic paddleboarding hotspots. Paddleboarding lets you admire the marine wildlife without actually being in the water.

Plus, it’s not just a sport. Think: full-body exercise and a manatee meet up all in one! Here are the six best paddleboard spots in Florida.

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Destin Harbor

If you’re still a beginner in the sport, Destin Harbor’s smooth waters are the perfect spot to learn stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

Destin Harbor is located in northern Florida and is known for its friendly ambiance. It’s also famous for its lively nightlife.

You can easily catch a glimpse of Destin Harbor’s rich wildlife as you paddleboard since it’s home to many species like flounders, stingrays, and pelicans.

Plus, the gentle waters provide a great opportunity for trying out SUP fishing or maybe yoga!

In Destin Harbor, the water is warm and pleasant, and the temperature is just perfect during April and May. Therefore, spring is the best time to visit Destin Harbor.

St. Augustine 

Located on the Atlantic coast, St. Augustine is Florida’s oldest city. This historic city is known for its Spanish architecture and quaint style.

A paddleboarding tour by the Castillo de San Marcos is the cherry on top of your water voyage. Also, listening to the firing cannons and muskets is such an exhilarating experience. 

A cruise through the Matanzas River and Faver-Dykes State Park is another epic paddleboarding treat around St. Augustine. All of that and the rich wildlife underwater of the city make this destination every paddler’s crave. 

If you want lower hotel prices and airfare rates, spring is the season to make your visit. From March to May, the weather is delightful and comfortable. There are also fewer tourists.


Islamorada is a village of six islands in the Florida Keys archipelago. Its unique coral reefs and distinct saltwater creatures offer a breathtaking paddleboard experience.

Certainly, you’ll witness some dolphins, stingrays, trunkfish, or baby sharks along your tour through the mangroves.

Moreover, your stand up paddleboard adventure isn’t complete without seeing the ruins of an ancient town by the Indian Key Historic Park that goes back to the 1800s. 

If you want a more tranquil paddling experience, you can explore Snake Creek and enjoy a calm paddle.

Tourists tend to visit Islamorada from mid-December to May. During which time, the accommodation and other travel expenses are higher.

With that being said, it’s best to make your trip in October or November to avoid crowds and enjoy the less humid weather.

Bahia Honda State Park

Like Islamorada, Bahia Honda State Park is another remarkable paddleboarding destination in the Florida Keys. Its vast blue landscapes create the perfect tranquil scenery as the sun sets in the water.

While paddleboarding through the still waters of Bahia Honda State Park, you don’t have to worry about the tides. Its crystal clear water lets observe an array of marine life creatures.

It’s also considered one of the best locations for birdwatching

Bahia Honda State Park’s calm water and peaceful aura make it the perfect location for paddlers who want to practice recreational paddleboarding like SUP yoga, SUP fishing, or other exercises on the water.

The practically remote atmosphere of the place makes it an ideal destination for a serene and relaxing paddling experience.

So if you don’t like crowds, this little heaven will sure make you feel like a VIP on your private island!

For the best paddle boarding experience, consider visiting Bahia Honda State Park in April, May, or June to avoid any chances of rain.

Ten Thousand Islands

The spectacular mangrove islets of Ten Thousand Islands are located on the southwest coast of Florida. 

The paddleboarding adventure through the chain of mangroves is unmatched. You can dump the crowds and paddleboard all day long through the islets without getting bored.

The trip to the islands is a long paddle journey, however. It’s a two and a half-mile paddle from the visitor’s center to Sandfly Island, which is one of its most frequently visited islands.

Moreover, you can practice all kinds of recreational paddleboarding like SUP yoga, SUP touring, SUP fishing while relishing the charming view.

Picking the right time to visit the Ten Thousand Islands can be a little tricky. The island is much cooler and less humid from October to May, but that’s when it’s most crowded.

From June to September, occasional thunderstorms might make your paddleboarding session less entertaining. 


Situated on the Atlantic coast in northern Palm Beach County, Jupiter is one of the most beautiful destinations in Florida. 

Jupiter is known for its innovative dining spots, as well as its impeccable beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

If you’re looking for an adventure, paddleboarding through the waters of Jupiter, where you can find Blowing Rocks Preserve, will make your experience memorable. You can take amazing photos of the picturesque reefs. 

Plus, it’s home to many sea turtles, sharks, and birds. This rich marine wildlife makes it an exceptional paddleboarding location. If you’re lucky, you can spot a bald eagle or might even run into a manatee!

The best time to visit Jupiter is by the end of the fall season and the beginning of winter. The heat and humidity of the summer start to decline, making the weather perfect for a paddleboard tour.


Surrounded by seas from every side, Florida is blessed with out of this world spots that are ideal for stand up paddleboarding. The magnificent weather all year round makes it the perfect destination.

Stand up paddleboarding is a fun sport that combines exercise with relaxation. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy paddleboarding, pick one of the outstanding listed spots.

And if you’ve never tried this sport before, you should consider giving it a chance. You won’t regret it!

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