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Can you paddle board if you can’t swim
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Can You Paddle Board If You Cant Swim

If you can’t swim, you can still paddle board! Of course, knowing how to swim is a useful skill that would benefit paddle boarding in deep water, but as long as you wear a life jacket and take the sport seriously, you don’t necessarily need to know how to swim. Paddle […]

Which iRocker SUP Should I Get
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Which iRocker SUP Should I Get?

iRocker is a globally recognized SUP board brand. They have 3 distinct ranges with a number of boards in each range. When it comes to choosing an iRocker board the amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming. We’re going to break it down to make things easier for you […]

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How Do You Clean A Paddle Board?

If you’re into your water sports, then you know how important it is to keep your gear and equipment clean and free from dirt, salt, and sand. That being said, if you’re just beginning to paddle board then you might be unaware of the best methods to regularly clean and […]

Can paddleboards be repaired?
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Can Paddleboards Be Repaired?

Even if you take the best possible care of your paddleboard, accidents happen. Damage such as scratches, gouges, and cracks can occur when you are storing, transporting, and using your board. Paddleboards are an investment that is meant to last you through some great adventures, and you want to get […]

Should you wax a paddle board
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Should You Wax A Paddle Board?

If you’re a keen surfer, then you’ll already know that you can wax your board to increase traction and secure your footing. However, those who are new to paddle boarding might be wondering: should you wax a paddle board? In this article, I cover some key information you need to […]

How Long Can I Leave My SUP Inflated
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How Long Can I Leave My SUP Inflated?

One of the best things about inflatable SUP boards is that they can be deflated and folded up to save on storage space. If, however, storage isn’t an issue for you then you might begin to question whether it’s worth the effort of deflating your board at all. The truth […]